Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More pictures from Earth Day

My peas!!! YUMMY!
Onions! Candy variety! Yum

Little toes in the grass. Syd refuses to wear shoes.

Strawberry Plant! Cant wait!
Marlee's favorite thing to do is pick it right off the bush and eat them!

Peach Blossom on my tree.


Bethany said...

My siblings and i used to gorge ourselves on my grandfather's strawberries. Grandma would come out and ask if we wanted dinner, and we would just stare at her. Why would we want dinner? We just ate. Go, Marlee!

The Rich Family said...

I am so impressed you have all these things growing! I wish I had thought about growing a garden. Its probably too late now. I dont even know what would grow in the hot summer of AZ?!

Krista Miller said...

I was just looking at the grass in the Syd foot pic and I can't believe how different our grass is than yours. I guess that when it grows naturally and you don't have to truck it in, that's how it is. I am going to take a picture and show you :)