Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the subject of EVEN MORE TEETH!!!

so... with three kids under the age of 8, losing teeth at our house is a big deal! Baby sydney lost her first tooth last night! the tooth fairy came for the first time for her! she was so excited....then this morning, her other tooth popped out!!! so the tooth fairy is coming AGAIN tonight!!! she said it makes her feel like singing! ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Baking

We have been busy!! We made cookie cutter cookies, they were sooo good! the kids had so much fun! then my mom brought by a cute stocking cake for us to decorate. We made it a green stocking with red "laces" ;) yum! my babies are so fun! i love having kids at christmas time. they make it magical.

Monday, December 7, 2009 christmas tour 2009

So.... I adore the site and they are hosting their first ever christmas home tour! Now, my mom is the queen of holiday decorating, but im not so good at it, hehe. But we LOVE counting down to christmas at our house, so i thought i would show some of our favorite ways to count down to christmas!
We have a felt tree from the amazing karen clark! the kids get to put a new ornament or gift under the felt tree; we have a paper chain with a loop for each day that has a service project or special scripture on it, that we do at bedtime; we have the neat bear countdown that my sister and i used as children-- u move the little bear each day to a different part of the house ;)
Then we have our little reindeer and glass nativity, and our charlie brown christmas tree decorated by the kids, and dont forget to note the line of puppy dog stickers on the wall leading to the tree, that was sydneys contribution lol!!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Menu Plan Monday 12/7

ugh, i have been soo bad about doing this!!!! I will try to do better I promise! It makes my life so much easier!

kielbasa and shells and cheese

Veggie lasagna, salad, fruit

Taco Salad, bean burritoes, fruit

Meatloaf on a bed o'potatoes!

Homemade pizza and family movie night

Mexican Rice Skillet Meal

crockpot turkey and stuffing ( to be in crockpot while we are at church !) Yum!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Playroom ideas.... christmas surprise!!

So im redoing the playroom for the kids for a christmas surprise. It will be done while they are sleeping christmas eve, by santas "elves" hehe. I will have everything ready in the storage room, to move into the playroom. Here are my inspirational ideas... lol. some of them obviously wont work, no room for the jungle gym, but it is sooo cool! ;)
Oh and the wall squares?? they are scrapbook paper! how cool is that!!!!