Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, and sick kids.

It is halloween! The kids are super excited, and super sick. :(
They all woke up yesterday with nasty colds, and today they are still struggling. marlee the most, because of her autism, she doesnt get the whole cough thing. So instead, she just pukes. Kind of gross, but understandable, she has to get the gunk out somehow.
So we are waiting to see about going to the library party, we will see how everyone feels. We are going to a couple of family members homes tonight to trick or treat, and our neighbors, but that will probably be it.
If they feel better, we will head to the Jack O Lantern Jamboree!
We will see. My sweet babies, they are all resting right now watching veggietales.
Love, jaelle

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Horse and Carriages

Today is a better day! The sun is shining, im feeling better and my kids are awesome! Today they decided to build a carriage. We watched the secret garden, we love that movie and it was one of the first whole chapter books i read to them, and they were fascinated by the carriage that they roll Collin around in. So they decided to build one out of cardboard. After lots of crayons, tape, and cardboard, plus a bench and a chair, they got it all ready. Then they decided they needed horses. Cue the stuffed puppy dogs and yarn for the ropes! Arent they clever, lol!
I am still busy working on the LDS Family and Homeschool Spring Conference 2009. If anyone wants to come please let me know!!!
Love , Jaelle

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Easy Day

Mommy isnt feeling to well today! Yuck. So we are having an easy peasy day. Keith rented the kids some fun movies, made them lunch and stuck it in the fridge and now i can rest! I am spending time in my recliner working on the spring homeschool conference and then im going to go lay on the couch and watch movies with my babies. I hate days where I feel " not good enough" but they are so happy to just have a fun day ! No school, just play! the girls have a huge barbie house set up in the living room and are watching the new tinkerbell movie, and dylan is attached to his game cube playing spongebob! Fun easy day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We have been so blessed! Dylan's staph is completely gone! They did a skin scraping and cultures and the two big boo boo spots ( well there are actually three, but one of them is clearing up) they are actually a new fungal infection. It is like ringworm i guess. His immune system is freaking, its not fighting all these little funky infections that I guess are in the air or something? How the heck is he getting this stuff? this is his FOURTH skin infection in two months. All different ones! Anyway, he has new meds, he is feeling happy that he doesnt have to go to the dermatologist for two whole weeks, and we are thankful.
Unfortunately he is sick with a cold, fever, cough, sneezy, etc. on top of all this, but we are hoping we can just take it easy and deal with it.
I spoke with someone from the jeffrey modell foundation-- they are amazing- and they gave me the names of two expert immunologists in st louis. they said that these two people are actual specialists who do research, etc and that they are interested in dylans case. We still have not found the "exact" immune disorder that he has, because no one is taking the time to research it. So I will be contacting them this week. His dr in columbia cant get him in until december 2nd. Something has to happen before then! Im surprised that is what they said because he is supposed to be getting a port and starting IVIG sometime. So we will see what the research specialists say. Im actually really excited to see them, they seem like they will take the time to give me an answer.
ok, that is my update on my sweetie son. He is lying down watching Blues Room and eating a popcorn ball, LOL. He loves halloween! LOL. Thank you for all of your prayers.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A new morning.

Dylan slept well last night ( mommy not so well, lol) His boo boo's look better, we will see what the doctor says, it is 7 am, we are leaving in about 15 minutes. He seems to be feeling soo much better already. Prayers are working. God is real.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The scripture my grandmother " gave " me.

Philippians 4:6-7


Be anxious for nothing

but in everything in prayer,and supplication, with thanksgiving

let your requests be made known to God.

the peace of God, which surpassesall understanding,

will guard your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ.

Please pray for Dylan

This is how my life goes. We have a really fun day, and then Dylan gets sick. My poor baby. Please pray for him. He has had three different skin infections going on, and he has staph now. It is pretty bad. I called his doctor tonight at home, she will be meeting us at 7:45 in the morning tomorrow to culture him and make a plan of what to do. I am really scared because my mom almost died from staph and it is just an ugly word to me. He is in alot of pain and is not feeling well right now of course. We are praying for a good night sleep and quick healing. Life is very hard with a little guy who has no immune system to fight all these bad things. I will update tomorrow.

More pics. LOL

Cousin Andrew and his big muscles!!!

My adorable Sydney who is sooo onery!!!

My little nephew Braeden! The lion!

My niece Ivy!!

Cousin Carson, he's a monkey! Cute huh!

more halloween pics from kaylor side party

More Halloween Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

Sydney the cheerleader!

Lots of Kaylor Cousins! Marlee, samantha, ivy, braeden, carson, sydney, blake, dylan, anica, and elizabeth!
Xzavier trying to attack dylan/clifford!!!!
My nephew Xzavier
My niece Anica!

Kaylor Side Halloween Party

It turned out great! We had so many people show up - I say we, but it was really my mil Linda! She has a big halloween party each year, but last year for some reason, she didnt have it. I made pumpkin bars and corn bread muffins, and then there was, oh gosh lets see, veggie soup, ham and beans, tortilla chips salsa cheese, tons and tons of cookies, cupcakes and candy of course, so much to list . We had sooo many cute Kaylor cousins packed into one houseall dressed up in costumes! We all had a great time!!! Here are some fun pictures- Oh I guess i should explain what my kids are: Dylan was Clifford, and Clifford was Dylan, LOL, Marlee was glinda the good witch and stinky baby was Dorothy ( so cute) and my little sydney was a cheerleader! What else did we have there, a clown, a nascar driver, a lion, a monkey, a farmer, a princess, a doctor, a witch, i cant even remember it all!

Stinky Baby as "dorothy from wizard of oz"
Dylan as clifford and clifford as dylan!
marlee, glinda the good witch with her tin man and stinky baby as dorothy
best cousins-- elizabeth and marlee
more best cousins! best friends!
elizabeth and marlee

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sydney Loren Clare

What to say about this silly little monkey?? She is the joy in our lives. She is a forever mess maker, she is sooo onery and the funniest child alive. She is the biggest snuggle bug and has the biggest laugh in the world. She is super smart and super amazing. We are blessed because other than a bout of torticollis when she was first born ( yes she has a flat head on the left side but her beautiful curls cover it LOL) she has been awesome healthy! she cracks us up, gives us huge hugs and makes our lives bearable. Thank you my baby. I LOVE YOU
ok the pictures arent loading right for some reason. i will try again later!!!!!! she is a doll baby! if i do say so myself!

Marlee Sarah Beth

Next up on my blogs about my children, is miss marlee. She is my beautiful artistic musical sweetie autistic daughter. life is hard with her, but then the little moments shine through when you just stare at her, wondering, is she really an angel??? A real live angel? She has issues with sensory, balance, socialization, some speech ( she just has her own way of talking, lol) and all the other normal autism things like " marlee meltdowns" as we lovingly call them. She started talking at about age 3-- we were sooo excited and she finally potty trained about 8 months ago!!! How awesome is that! She is 6 years old and is so amazing. We are working hard on trying to learn letters and numbers and counting and all kinds of fun things. She loves being read to, and loves to write and draw. She is extremly talented with art. I just LOVE HER!!!

Here are some cute pics of my marlee girl.

Dylan Eric Landon

Ive been meeting so many neat people online lately, who also have children who struggle with some of the same things that my kiddos do. I wanted to take a minute and just blog about each of my beautiful babies. They are sooo special. I am starting with Dylan cause he is the oldest! We've had him the longest LOL. So here is all about my Dyl. He is 7, and he loves transformers, building things and his gamecube that his cousin Mark passed down to him! He is super scary smart and loves to learn, he is a sweetie who will still snuggle, but not call me mama anymore. He is to old for that he says. Im now just mom. But he still climbs into my lap for me to hold him.

He has suffered from many different health issues since he was born, we joke around that if it starts with an "a" he has it: Allergies, Asthma, Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, and then there is the Primary immunodeficiency. That is the kicker folks. My little guy doesnt have an immune system, so he is sick constantly. He is soo brave. He is truly my hero. Even from the tiniest age, he would just greet the nurses and drs with big smiles and even remembers to tell the nurses and drs who do ouchie things to him, thank you. What an awesome guy. Some of his daily things are, he has many daily medicines that keep him going, he takes special "calorie " drinks twice a day to maintain weight, he homeschools because of his immune system, and we go to the dr alot. He will be starting IVIG this winter, which means an almost 2 hour drive, every two weeks to Columbia where he will hang out in the PICU for about 6 hours having IVS that will hopefully help him to become stronger. He has given us many many scares, little booger, but we love him so much. He is the best big brother and he is the best son. I LOVE HIM!!! Here are some pics of his meds, some of the things he uses daily and just some fun pics!!


We went to Barry yesterday to spend time with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Odie. Oh please pray for my grandpa. He weighs like 106 lbs or something, it is awful, he is still so strong though, he had so many beautiful words of wisdom for me, things he wanted me to know, to hold tight to. That was really a special time for me. To sit beside him and have him speak those words just for me. It reminded me of the biblical times when the patriarch of the family would call his children and grandchildren forward to his " right hand" and teach them.
After we got home yesterday the kids did school. We had read this awesome book called " Vinnie and Abraham" about the first women commissioned by the american government ( she was 16 at the time) and she sculpted a huuge statue of Abraham Lincoln that is in the Capital Rotunda now. Anyway, after reading this awesome book, my children decided to be sculptors. We bought the 97 cent modeling clay at walmart, and they set to work ( im soo frustrated because I had the coolest pics of them sculpting and with my grandpa, but i took them on my camera without the memory card in, by accident and i lost my cord! so mad!!) anyway, they worked so hard, and marlee even had a sculptor " hat and apron" on ( her chefs had and apron) and they were stinking adorable! I love my babies!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who made such sweet comments on my last post. Life is rough sometimes! But I am grateful to have such sweet friends who lift me right back up and set me in my place -- i love my life as mom and wife!!
It is 7:45 am, and the kids are watching mickey mouse while i attempt to wake up and get my life going. It is cold and rainy, that never helps, but I have high hopes for today! We have a few more books in the fairy tale/folk tale tub from the library to read, then we are done with it! We have quite a few little activities to do and then the normal spelling, reading, math, history and science. Dylan will have piano today and we will also continue to read from our childrens book of mormon stories and little house in the big woods. Oh, and we cant forget that we have alot of playing to do. Lots of fun things!
With Love,

Monday, October 20, 2008

This hasnt been the day.......

Do you remember that song from Michael Mclean? This hasnt been the day, that I though it would be........... sometimes i wish that you could sing the lullaby to me....
Those words are how im feeling tonight. I try so hard to be the best mom ever. I have such amazing special children who deserve so much, and need so much. I didnt sleep last night, I do that alot lately, I have so many things running through my mind, am I doing the best I can? etc. So today, I had the worst headache ever. I just didnt feel like doing anything. I did stuff-- but I just didnt feel like it. The kids played play doh while I read to them, and they had a nice day, but I just didnt feel like I was an awesome mom today. My kids deserve an awesome mom. It frustrates me when I can't get up and go and be everything. So tonight I wish that you would sing the lullaby to me. It's a beautiful song, you should look it up. :)

Im having an online fun felt party!!!!!!!!

You can order at and then put Jaelle Kaylor in the special requests box, so she knows it is from me!!! This company is AMAZING and Im hoping to get some great christmas presents for my kiddos. If you dont have little ones anymore, purchase something as a gift to a kid, or maybe purchase something to donate to the nursery at your church or for the "angel" tree they do at walmart or whatever! Thank you sooo much for looking!!!!!

LDS Family and Homeschool Newsletter

To all my friends and family,
Most of you know the trials we have had this year, deaths, illness, financial issues, etc and while we know that it is for our good, and we are being tried- we want to be able to provide for our family too. So I have started a newsletter-- on my favorite subjects! family and homeschooling, and I would love it if you would visit my site and check it out. It is written for LDS families, but it has something for everyone who loves their family. The November issue will have lots of great thanksgiving traditions, recipes, homeschool articles, family articles, pictures, interviews and so much more!!!! Each newsletter will be at least 5 pages long!The cost is 2.00 per issue, and their is a paypal buy it now button, that will take you right where you need to go. I will then email you the newsletter and you can print it out and put it in a binder, use it for family home evening, share it with your friends!
Please help my family, by at least sharing the website with friends of yours. There are recipes on the site, family articles, etc. Something for everyone. The newsletter is even more fun things ( not included on my actual site so it is all fresh and new!!!!)
Thank you so much!
I love you all!
Jaelle Kaylor ( our family blog) -- where you can go to find the newsletter!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Family Pictures 2008

Well, we "attempted" to take some cute pics of the family. Well, basically the kids and then me and the kids and then keith and the kids. We say "attempted" because they always turn out hilarious!!! We all get to laughing and then the kids get silly, and lets just say we have never really had good luck LOL!!!

So enjoy our families fun!!!!

Trip to Columbia

We have been talking about possibly getting a small apartment in columbia because Dylan will soon start his IV treatments. Yesterday we took a trip to columbia to kind of see what was available, etc and to play at the awesome cosmo park! Here are some fun pics. They had a great time, it wore Dylan out so much that we had to carry him to the car, but he bounced back today. He is feeling abit better. We are not attending church today because Dylan is STILL covered in the staph and molloscum, but we are having a wonderful family day and will sing some hymns and have a nice lesson this evening. We have been working hard on family unity, responsibilities, etc and making our home a haven. I will be writing more about that on my lds homeschool blog, anyway, here are the pics from the park!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday, the end of a crazy week!

What a week! Dylan has been dealing with the healing of his skin infections, they are painful and itchy, but looking sooo much better. We had all had colds, but are doing better except little dylan who always holds on to everything longer. We have had so much fun this week for school, we have had a very relaxed week of reading, playing games and puzzles and doing lots of play doh and arts and crafts. We have read so many books this week, i thought i would lose my voice !! We have also done alot of cooking- the kids love to help cook and it defintely counts as school, lol.
My grandpa has done well with his first three days of chemo. We are praying so hard for him. He is a good man.
marlee has had a pretty good week this week, she has been doing alot of drawing and creating as always, and today she is snuggled on the couch under the blanket, in her comfy jammies. Yes it is only 5 pm, but she loves her jammies!
Sydney has loved play doh this week! She just adores it and it keeps her very happy!
We have had a pretty good week, just normal i guess.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My babies in heaven.

Ok, so one of them is not technically MINE- ( Moses) but I sure claim him.
This is such an amazing site, I just hope that the people who do this, realize how much they are touching others lives. Im going to print these out and frame them, they are just beautiful. Check out the site.

Here are my babies:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Slumber Party

Sooo....... after we ate pizza last night, we had a slumber party! Aunt Cait stayed and we watched a special spongebob movie and then attempted to get everyone settled into a bed. It was hilarious, cait and the kids all started out in marlee's bed. Then marlee ended up in bed with me and keith, then i ended up on the couch and sydney ended up in bed with keith and marlee went back to cait. Then somehow, sydney ended up on the loveseat and dylan ended up with keith. Then finally, dylan went to his own bed, marlee went with cait, syd stayed on the loveseat and keith ended up on the couch, and i ended up in our bed. Sheesh. Im tired just thinking about it. lol.
This morning we made a big breakfast of homemade oatmeal, toast with jelly, scrambled eggs, sausage, and oranges! Yum!!
Right now the kids and Aunt Cait are working on the Christmas Crafts and Im trying to catch up with blogging both here and the lds homeschooler blog i have and I still need to post pics of everything but my camera is in the car! LOL. It is still early. Only 7:30!!!!!

Fun Mondays!

We had a really fun monday! We spent the day with Aunt Caitie, we went to the library in quincy and we played and read books, etc and then we headed to hyvee to get big cookies!!! after that we went to TGIFridays and ate a lot of yummy food!!!! After we finished their we headed to the park so that we could have a "science" lesson. We observed all the fish in the big pond and we fed them some of our cookies! They loved that! We walked on the nature trail and looked at the big lilly pads and the ducks ( they were so neat with bright purple on their wings) and looked at the fall flowers. After that we played at the playground and Dylan showed Aunt Cait how he can go across the monkey bars! After that we headed to Big Lots to buy storage totes and then we had to go to Hobby Lobby of course because it is just RIGHT THERE! LOL. Calling our names. We bought some cute little christmas crafts because they were on sale and we are going to work on them tomorrow morning!
After hobby lobby we headed home and Aunt Cait helped mommy straighten up the house real quick and then we ordered pizza and daddy came home!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Painting!

A fun afternoon of pumpkin painting. Today was stake conference, but we didnt have the gas money to get to nauvoo, so we spent the day as a family. We painted the pumpkins we got on saturday from the pumpkin patch. Being the cool fun mom that I am ( wink wink) we had lots of paint, glue, glitter, pompoms, and sequins. What a fun mess we made!!! They turned out pretty darn great!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We've caught you blue handed Roxie!

We found out that our dog Roxie likes to color with blue spiderman markers. Here's PROOF.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Great Grandma Betty

This is Dylan, Sydney and their Great Grandma Betty Kaylor. We had a nice visit with her today! It was beautiful outside and the kids ran around and climbed the trees and had a great time!

Lincoln Douglas Debate in Quincy

We have been studying up on Abe Lincoln and today we went to the Fair on the Square !! It was awesome!! Dylan even had his picture taken with abe lincoln himself! He told Dylan to keep reading and that everything he needed to know could be found in books! LOL. It was fun! Here are some pics.

Pumpkin Patch 2008

We have a family tradition of going to Mill Creek Farms each year. This year was super fun! Here are some cute pics !

Friday, October 10, 2008


I can't believe im typing this-- but my parents have agreed to let the kids spend the night tonight. I am freaking out. All three kids at the same time. My sis is there too, so there will be one adult per child ROFL. And the best part is................................Keith and I will be alone for the whole night for the first time in over 3 years. Yup. I said it. 3 years. Before that it was like well, i guess when i had sydney, lol, which wasnt really romantic because i had just given birth LOL. And technically, sydney was there. and we were in a hospital. Anywho, we are going to have a date night!!!! Im soooo excited. They are supposed to come get the kids between 6:30- 7ish and then we are free until tomorrow morning!!!!!! Im totally excited. I cant even begin to say how excited i am and the kids are totally excited too!!

And we will only be five minutes away, but still it will be ALONE TIME. Momma needs alone time. LOL