Saturday, June 15, 2013

April 2013 bbq at friends farm!

Wow... so behind as usual... going to try and go thru some pics and upload them here so that I can keep memories of my babies alive!!!!!

This is Dylan's butt ... hahaha.... We had a bbq at our friends Kristen and Kyle's farm... Dylan was fascinated by the tiny little serama chickens they have! So he climbed right into the chicken tractor with them!

Marlee getting ready to eat at the bbq! woot woot!!!!

Our friend Kristen with the yummy food for the bbq!!!!

Our friend Kyle taking Dylan and Keith for a ride on the ranger around the farm!!

Girls turn on the ranger!!!!

We really enjoyed our time at the farm... it is relaxing and the kids love to play and explore. They have a big pond and Dylan and Keith and Kyle found a big turtle!