Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Spring Clean Winner!!!!!!!!

Here are your random numbers:7
Timestamp: 2009-03-30 23:39:36 UTC

Morgan you are the winner of the big spring clean!!!!
THanks everyone for playing! Morgan is going to receive two full sized METHOD cleaning products!
Happy Spring everyone!
Love, Jaelle

School Fundraiser from Lehi Roller Mills!!!!!!

I am so excited! We are doing our first ever fundraiser! Lehi Roller Mills is an amazing business founded in 1906 by George G Robinson and they are located in Utah. The Mill is where Footloose was shot! Cool huh!

They have amazing products. When I tried the double fudge brownies, I didnt want to bake them because the batter was so darn good! Of course, the actual brownies were heavenly!!!!!

Here is a list of what we have to offer, plus shipping of course, but here ya go.

Everything comes in a decorative cotton bag except for the Cornbread, and Scones mixes, they come in boxes.

Here is a list!

Cornbread, Scones, Heart Healthy Items- come in 1 lb boxes, and cost is 6.00 a piece

-- cranberry scone, cornbread,heart healthy hotcakes, blueberry scones, heart healthy oatmeal cookie

2 lb mixes, come in decorative cotton bags, cost is 8.00 a piece

-- Blueberry Pancake,

--Double fudge brownie

--Sugar cookie with icing

--Raspberry Muffins

--Mint Truffle Brownie

--Chocolate Chip Cookie

--Blueberry Muffins

--Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie

--Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie

-- Lehi Pride Pancake with Syrup

All Natural Kodiak Flapjacks are 7.00 a piece.

I am so excited!!!! Email me!!!! Pass it around to your friends!!!!

THanks everyone!


Spring--- where are you?????

As you can see I have taken a little blogging break. i actually took a full blown Spring break last week. Was so pooped out from everything! But today is monday and im back!!! We had the wierdest weekend, spring, rain, then snow then some ice, then a big thaw, with sunshine and today it is sunny and muddy. Im exhausted from this weather! I had started planting some things, and so far they are just fine, the ground didnt get cold enough to freeze, thank goodness.
Today so far I have done school with the kids, including an amazing lesson on easter and the resurrection. You see, my grandpa is dying of cancer, and my children have lots of questions. My poor kids have lost two very important people in the past year ( well it will be one year exactly in april.) and so we have had this talk quite a bit. But in preparing them gently, for grandpa's impending death, I was very surprised at how well this lesson taught about the resurrection. It was a perfect tie in to the questions they were asking this morning about grandpa Jim. Such a hard lesson for my kids to have to learn at such an early age, with the loss of Moses and Francy, and the upcoming loss of my grandfather, who is truly a patriarch to our family and an amazing example. I was very thankful to God for providing this particular lesson in our books at this particular time. He is a good God, and loving and wants my kids to understand.
We decided to head outside after that to feed the birds. They have been hungry birds! We have to feed them almost daily, but it is so worth it to see the different kinds of birds that choose to bless us with their presence!!!! My grandma gave me some aloe vera plant starts last night, mine finally died last year, lol, after much use ( keith has a tendency to be clumsy and burn himself easily, etc!) so we got the starts planted which was great fun for the kids because it involved mud and worms! lol. I need to continue to work on yard sale stuff. I have a big tub in my room that needs prices marked and one in the hallway. Then in the storage unit we have two more tubs and in the storage room we have about three boxes. Freakin huge yard sale!!! Funny thing is, im thinking of listing the clothes on ebay and then just selling everything else at the sale. Get more money from ebay on clothes. I need to make as much money as possible while getting rid of as much stuff as possible!!!! We're going to be purchasing Dylans 4th grade school books soon. Hard to believe, he is only 7 and is ready to start 4th grade. He just adores school and grasps things so easily, we only do about an hour of work in the morning each day year round, and it works well for us. Ok, more work to do. Lots of laundry, dishes and the norm. Plus the yard sale stuff, plus I have these hundreds of children to care for!!! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My families story...

I have joined this amazing business,
I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I love scrapbooking, but it was always the journaling, the stories that I loved. This business combines the STORY with a few choice pictures and waa-laa, you have it. My first book that I publish will be an honor to do. I will be writing a tribute to my grandfather who is dying of cancer. His story is amazing, I have posted on here before about some of the things he has gone through, and while I have him here with me on earth, I plan to do something about it. I will be using the tools from cherish bound, to ask the right questions, to get the whole story, to write a tribute to an amazing, strong man. Something that my family will cherish for generations. Im also excited about the geneology aspect of the business, I cant wait to introduce that to the friends I have that are big into geneology! I am also excited to write my families story. We all have a story, who is willing to share?? If you are interested in this, take a peek at the website it is amazing. If you are wanting more info, or want to host a storytelling gathering where we will ALL share our stories, or just want a catalog or business card, email me. I am so excited. Finally I have something that I feel is worth sharing. I love writing, I love my family- what an awesome way to combine both!!!!!
Love, Jaelle

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's Spring!

Finally!!! It is gorgeous outside today! Sunny and 75 degrees!!! Gorgeous! We were able to get alot done outside and play, play, play!! We even had a picnic lunch!

Here are some of the things we got done, and did!

*found a lucky clover! ( perfect for st pattys day!!)

*Cleared out the garden area by Sam's pen, ready for potatoes and zucchini

*Got all the lawn chairs and patio chairs out to get dried out and ready !

*Kids dug holes and Dylan found some flint and a worm and "prehistoric rocks!"

*Sydney found a treasure! an old penny from Grants Farm, from last year! on the ground, lol.

*Got all the planters emptied and lined up to be filled with flowers!

*Raked pine needles and got yard ready to mow, as soon as we get some grass!

*Had a picnic lunch and played with Aunt Caitie for a few minutes before she had to leave for

St Louis to go home.

*Just enjoyed being outside and getting dirty!!!!!

Love, Jaelle

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Evening

It is always nice to sit quietly on a sunday evening and think about the week ahead. We have a busy week ahead, which is fine, I am thankful to have these things going on in my life. We have zoo day next saturday, we are about done with everything, im so excited. Tomorrow we are going out to lunch with family, which will be great fun. I have a home I love that needs to be tended too, and three beautiful babies who need care and sunshine and school! I sat down this afternoon to look over their schoolwork for the week. They are doing so well, and I really like our schedule. We school year round, and do about an hour a day. It really works out well! We get to play and do the things we need to do and have a great schedule where my kids know that this is the time we sit down for school. Im trying so hard to teach them things they need to know, not just reading, riting, rithmatic, lol, but also real world things, spiritual things, etc. We do little keepers of the home and little contenders of the faith, dylan will be starting cub scouts in august, they all want to do 4h soon, and in the fall we will be joining up with some st louis lds homeschool groups, and traveling down there a couple times a month for activities. All great things. Now, we have to have a huge yard sale in the next few weeks so I can afford to buy there new school books! They are pretty much done for the year, so I am excited to be choosing their new curriculum and working on it. Basically it is really nice to quietly sit here at my computer and think of a happy new week, hopefully full of sunshine. We have alot of stress in our family, lots of drama with disabilities, etc, but I love them! I "heart" my family!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

LDS Zoo Day

It is a week from tomorrow! I can't believe it is so close!! I am so excited! I have almost everything done, just need to finish the kid goody bags and I have two or three more things that are coming in mail this week to put in big goody bags. Then to find a way to get all of it, including humongous rainbow resources catalogs and all the prizes, to the tables by the sea lions. Any good ideas?? A wagon isnt big enough, and I thought about borrowing my in laws produce wagon thing, but im not sure it will fit in my van! Keith said, we will strap it to the top! But for that long of a ride??? Anyway, it is going to be absolutely fun!!! Cant wait to make new friends!
Drop me an email if you want to come!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You will never guess....

You will never guess what my girls are doing. They are playing........

sausage. yup. i didnt guess either. lol. I guess they are the link variety??????

Elizabeths surgery

Thank you for all your prayers! My little niece did great through surgery! She is home and even went to school today!!!! They drained the absess on her tonsil, and they were even able to leave her tonsils in there! She is my little cherub, i adore her and Im so thankful for your prayers!

Here is a pic her mommy sent of her after surgery!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Making Buckeyes!!!!

I grew up in ohio, this was what we had for our treat every friday at lunchtime at school, this is what we girls made when we went to each others houses to play! I made Buckeyes with my kids for the first time today!!! What a great experience, sharing a little of my childhood while also helping them to learn by measuring, etc. School is awesome! LOL.

Here is the pic of the babies in their aprons, ready to go! The greatest thing about buckeyes is that they are MESSY!!!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

On the subject of MORE TEETH

Yup. He did it again. That boy went and pulled his own wiggly tooth out. This tooth fairy is tired!

What a weekend.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

On the subject of TEETH

so... Marlee says that her tooth hurts, we take a peek and WOW it is ready to come out! So Dylan, her amazing big brother reaches in her mouth and POOF- out it comes!

The first pic is Dylan working on the last tooth Marlee lost a couple of months ago. Then the other pic is the trio after today! Notice Sydneys gorgeous makeup, lol.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Weekend Woot Woot!

So, its friday evening, officially the weekend!!!! This weekend we are working on spring cleaning, and then sunday is church of course. Marlee has decided to stay home from church sunday to spend time with daddy ( my husband is less active.) It is a hard decision for me, but I know she needs to have time alone with Keith. It is hard making that special time for each kid. Hopefully this will not be an every sunday thing. We need to make more of an effort to get to church all together as a family. It is hard for us with Dylan being sick all the time, and also knowing that he can get sick from going to church, but I have to have faith.
Please keep my grandpa in your prayers. He is dying of cancer. I hate writing that sentence but it is true, and I just pray that he has comfort and peace. He believes in Christ, which is a great relief, but is not LDS. Just keep him in your prayers.
Dylan is doing pretty well today, he has only had allergy issues, and so far so good with everything else. He has good days and bad days. Today was a good day, he even played outside on the trampoline!!!! Awesome! What a blessing!

More Spring Cleaning

Here is Dylans Room. Typical little boys room! Oh, and thats Dylan in the pic! LOL.

Spring Cleaning, Finally

Ugh, I have been so sick, that when I issued the Big Spring Clean Challenge

I thought I am never going to get anything done!!! Today is a pretty day out, so I woke up early and got to it. Here are the "after" pictures. I couldnt even bring myself to take before pics, it was so bad!!! That is what happens when Momma is out of commission an entire month!!!!

Here are pics of Sydneys Bedroom, The Hallway, and there is also a picture of Keith and I's Bathroom. Ok, that is all I have done so far. Whew. That was alot to begin with. I will add more as I get done!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Momma, you are good at.....

So Marlee and I were talking this morning. She was upset because she couldnt get her drawing of Kermit the Frog, to look like Kermit the Frog! I told her, Marlee, no one is good at everything! You have so many good things you are amazing at! So she asked me what and as I listed all kinds of things she is good at, her little face just lit up! Then she asked me, Momma, what are you good at? So I said, Marlee, can you think of anything that Momma is good at????
She replied, " you are good at driving and paying your taxes."
Thanks Marlee, you know how to make momma feel so good about her self!

I HEART bathtime

I LOVE when my kids are fresh out of the bathtub, smelling like sweet little babies ( even though they are getting so big!) I love to snuggle them and brush their hair and put lotion all over them. Ahhh, one of the joys of motherhood!!!!

Here are pics of my babies fresh out of the tub. So sweet!

Mega Families

I'll admit it. Im obsessed. I am a fan of Jon and Kate plus Eight, I adore the Duggar family and this whole octomom thing is exciting! When Keith and I first got married we had decided we wanted about 5 kids. That grew as I became pregnant with Dylan. I wanted at least 8!!!! We were blessed with 3 beautiful children. More is not in the cards for us because of my health, I hemmorrghed after both girls, very severly with Sydney, so we had to make that choice. I needed to be alive for the 3 kids we were blessed with. My heart hurts about the decision. So I live precariously through the "mega families". I love the websites, the shows, the books, the thought of it all! Growing up Keith and I were both friends with a family who had 21 children all their biological children- no twins. They are an amazing family that we still love very much today. Keiths family was particularly close to them, and he fondly remembers sneaking into their van after church, trying to "stowaway" thinking they wouldnt even notice an extra kid!!! This is my whole point to this post. I received the new Duggar family book in the mail and already I cant put it down! The recipes, the schedules, the ideas!!! I love it!!!! Of course I cant keep up with three kids and a house, I dont know how they do it, and I am looking forward to seeing if she ever gets a nap!!!! Anyway, give your kids a hug today, and be thankful for them. God blesses us so much through them. Im so thankful for my three. Maybe up in heaven there are a bunch waiting for me!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I got to take the kids outside today. They are so precious. It is so funny watching them ride their bikes. They are each so different and unique. Marlee is cautious. Much like me when i rode a bike. Dylan is all about speed. He goes as fast as he possibly can! Sydney is a daredevil, the trickster. There is this tiny little bump in the street, and she goes over the bump and over the bump then speeds up and tries to get her bike off the street, over the bump. She is going to be the death of me. She is also the best skateboarder of the three. lol.

It meant so much to me to sit in the sunshine and thank God for my children, my neighbors, who all came out to say hello and chit chat in the sunshine. I thanked Him for the hope of spring, which i pray will come soon. I thanked Him for my unique children, who are all made in His image, and are not cookie cutters. Thank God for that! They make my life interesting!

I have been thinking over the devotional that I posted earlier today. I am going to reread it tonight during my scripture study time and probably write in my journal on it. But it was nice to get outside. There is sunshine in my soul today.....

wierd days, excellent answers

For the past week, I have been feeling really blah. We have had such a busy month last month, with sooo much sickness, and now that im feeling better physically, my brain just kind of seems to be mush. so tired, so blah. Anyway, I have been feeling a bit down, and really just need to be in the sunshine. Thankfully it is supposed to be really nice out today, so im going to take the kids out to play this afternoon, which will help, but also, i read the neatest devotion today, it just seemed perfect for me today.

anyway, it was really good.
that is all for now. like i said, so blah! lol.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Here it is, nice and easy!

Monday-- Oven Fried Chicken
Au gratin potatoes

Shepards Pie


Taco Chili
with fritos

homemade pizza and movie night!

King Chicken

Corn on Cob
Mac and cheese

easy peasy lemon squeezy!