Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A visit with Spongebob

The kids saw on tv that Spongebob was going to be at the mall. So we trekked up to quincy, walked the entire mall until we found him, took a picture and left. HA!!! it sure made it sound alot more fun then it actually was on tv! But, here is there big amazing pic of spongebob ( marlee was totally creeped out so shes not in the pic!)

Soldier Tag

So my kids have been blessed this summer to play outside almost constantly. This particular night, they had fun with some of the neighbors and they played soldier tag when it got dark... all you could see was the little glowstick necklaces we bought them bobbing around in the dark as they chased each other and laughed so hard! I think they look pretty cool dont you!

spending the night with cousin angie

dylan and marlee went to cousin angies and spent the night with her and andrew and alex. they had alot of fun from what i've heard!!! they stayed up really late and played hard! of course Marlee came home with fancy hair, she loves when angie does her hair! Im so thankful they get to play with family and spend time with them.

Playdate at the River

sydney has made friends with the little boy across the street who is just her age! we took the two of them downtown to the river for a little playdate. Candy bars, throwing rocks in the river, seeing fish scales, and waving at the people on the boats, they had a really great time! Plus they are just dang cute :)

Keith's 30th Birthday

So, I love my husband. He's a hunk and quite an awesome guy. Did I mention he's a great dad? Well, for his 30th birthday I invited family to Madison park in quincy and we had a big dinner and tons of fun! So many people showed up, I was in awe at all the people that love my Keith !!!!
There is about a million more pictures I want to add on here, but alas, no room :) I love you Keith Landon!!!

puppy love

syd and just a couple of her puppies, and roxie our big ole hippo dog :)

Tropical Girl....

this is what marlee looks like before she hops in the pool :)

dylan, the puzzlemaker

What we like to do to daddy while he is sleeping....

hehe, that's sparkle lip gloss. we are so silly :)

Therapy Time with Marlee Sarah Beth!

Marlee got to learn some new exercises in therapy this past summer, she especially enjoyed getting to play soccer with her physical therapist up and down the halls at the hospital! whoever was nearby joined in! she is really doing great! Super proud of her! Just a little update... we have to head back to st louis soon for her checkup with Dr Ahn, to check her cysteine levels and have her "peanut butter and jelly ultrasound" to check on her kidneys.

Playing guitar with Eric and making goofy faces with Aunt Ruth

Just some cute pics from Dylan's birthday that I wanted to include of the girls. :) We love our family!!!!
Oh, and I didnt have enough room in the title, but it is "Playing guitar with Eric, making goofy faces with Aunt Ruth, and snuggling Uncle Rusty " :)

Dylan's 10th Birthday!

Wow, it is still hard to believe that I just typed in that Dylan is 10!!!! He had a harry potter lego birthday and it just so happened that his birthday fell on the same date as the barry firemans chicken dinner, so we got to celebrate big time! We headed to grandma odie's and aunt ruth and uncle bobby and eric and mark were there and uncle rusty and aunt kim and we had a blast!!

Spending time at Aunt Sandy's and Uncle Bob's

The kids love visiting aunt sandy and uncle bob! they love to eat dinner around the table with them and play with the kittens and their poodle claudine!

Marlee's Birthday continued

For Marlee's actual birthday, we went to barry and had dinner with aunt sandy and uncle bob and then went to grandma odie's where she had prepared a special pink angel food cake for marlee!!!

Marlee's 9th Birthday

marlee had a pretend slumber party for her 9th birthday! It was soooo cute! She had her cousin and best friend Elizabeth and her friend from church Cassidy! They dressed in their pj's, made dream jars, painted pillowcases, and made bracelets that glow in the dark and ate popcorn and cake!

Marlee's Baptism

My beautiful daughter marlee sarah beth was baptized!! It took her a long time to do it, because she has autism and is terrified of water, but her sweet spirit is strong and her testimony is strong! It was one of the most spiritual baptisms i have ever attended and the fact that it was my daughter made it even more special!
here are some pics!

Catching Up!

wow, i am soo behind as usual ! so many neat things have happened this past summer! My babies each had birthdays, Marlee was baptized, we did alot of neat things. It was a fun summer! So I will try now and get things caught up, in no particular order haha!
Love, JL