Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pro- Homeschool

What a hard blog post to write! How do I tell everyone all of the wonderful things about homeschooling? I will start with giving a bit of a background about myself, and why I think I might know a little about homeschooling :)
My name is JL and I am very blessed to be married to my high school sweetheart and we have been blessed with three beautiful children. Hence my blog name momtothreebabies.blogspot.com :)
I attended school from kindergarten to 6th grade, in both private and public school settings. During my Junior High and High School Years I switched between homeschooling and public schooling. I finally made the final choice in 10th grade to homeschool. I do not regret that decision at all! I still got to go to dances, I still had a ton of friends! I was still able to enjoy all the "high school" things, but I was also able to really excel at my studies and help my family at the same time by homeschooling. I've been writing on my blog about homeschooling, writing for other blogs about homeschooling, studying everything I can get my hands on, reading every book out there, and oh yeah, I wrote my own book about homeschooling!~

When my first child was born, I knew the minute he was laid in my hands that I would homeschool him. I took being a mommy really seriously! Too seriously ! I studied late into the night and got my hands on any and every parenting book, magazine, website I could! I was obsessed with being the best momma ever! For me, I would homeschool, because then I would be able to watch my child grow, see him read his first words, watch him get that big math problem solved all by himself and watch his eyes light up as he learned about the world around him. There were so many possbilities to life with my son, that I couldnt even comprehend it or even decide where to begin! Fast forward 11 months later, and Im giving birth to our second child! Two years after that our third child! Wow! All of these beautiful babies were mine, and I had a big responsibility to them. Together with my husband, we began to pray about what would be best for our kids. We knew without a doubt that for our family, homeschooling was the way to go. I have a very strong testimony that education is a very special and sacred right, and that the decision we parents have to make, on how to educate our families, is best made through careful thought and prayer, and that every family is different. We are all so unique! That's what makes us so cool! Each family is going to choose what is best for them, and thats that! No one option is best for all. One of the amazing things about homeschooling is that I get to tailor the curriculum and ways of teaching, for each child. One learns best through reading and writing about it. One learns best through doing things! Sometimes we all just want to go outside and look for bugs! That is something about homeschooling that I am incredibly thankful for- flexibility!

When I was working on my book about homeschooling, one of the questions I asked my "helpers" was why do they homeschool. The responses were all so different and unique and it was so exciting to hear them! Some chose it because they couldn't bear to be away from their kids during their formative years. Some felt they could better teach their children, because they knew their children the best, and knew how they could learn. Some felt that the school system in their area was not up to par, and that their kids might bet a better education at home. Others have been homeschooled and are now homeschooling their own kids! So many reasons! All good. Like I said before, every family is different!

Alot of people have said to me, " I am not smart enough or patient enough to homeschool my kids." To those people I reply, maybe not, but everyone is different and if you truly feel called to homeschool your children, you will find ways to have others come in to help you in the areas you dont feel confident with. I personally feel that anyone who has graduated high school should be able to teach their kids kindergarten. Now, personally, when my kids get high school age, I am defintely having a friend come in to teach them algebra and calculus and all that other good stuff! That is another big advantage to homeschooling. We get to work with our friends and family members who have great talents to share! Maybe the children's grandma is a sewing whiz! Well have her teach her grandkids how to sew! What a wonderful way for family to bond! Maybe you have a friend who spent a couple years in France... have them teach your kids to speak some key words in french! Your friend gets the opportunity to share something special, and it will end up being a blessing to your whole family. I can't even begin to tell you all of the amazing things I have learned while homeschooling my children. We are learning about the ingredients that make up the earth.. wow! Exciting stuff here! I am blessed to continue my learning along with my children!

I could go on and on about homeschooling. Really this isn't the best subject to have me write on, because I tend to get long winded and then feel like I havent even begun to tell you about homeschooling! There are lots of great websites, support groups, etc out there. Im sure you probably know someone or "of" someone who homeschools. Talk to them! Keep your options open, and never be afraid to ask questions!

One more thing before I leave you, my dear friends. The big "S" word. Socialization. I really don't understand the big deal about this. My kids and most homeschooled children I know, are incredibly socialized! I will use my family as an example, so as not to offend, but my three kids live in a fun neighborhood with plenty of kids their age and also kids that aren't their age! They attend church and play with the children there and learn along side them. We attend a huge homeschool group that meets once a week and they have a blast. My kids have family members out the whazoo and cousins galore! Everytime we go to the grocery store, my kids are learning to socialize in the real world. We don't sit at home around the table and never speak to anyone! Homeschooling is a great option out there for education! I urge you to learn more about it! :)

JL Kaylor

Time for School!

We started a little refresher course to get us ready for homeschooling this year. We meet at the table for about an hour and do the "beginning time" stuff, like prayer, scriptures, family rules, etc. the fun stuff, and then we have been reviewing our numbers and letters and beginning cursive. We will be starting full time when the public school kids start. We are just so excited. We had a family meeting talking about the things we want to learn along with the things we need to learn. Everyone had great ideas. Another reason I love homeschooling! We get to do what we want! Along with doing the things we are required to learn of course!
So here's to another awesome school year!

Catching Minnows in the River

Hannibal was flooded. What's new right? Well we decided to go over to John Hay and see just how high the water was. That is high quality entertainment here in Hannibal. It was either that or go to walmart. hehehe.
We took along a net and some old buckets. We were gonna catch us some fish, Huck Finn style!!!
We ended up catching a bunch of little minnows and we put them in our aquarium at home and they are sooooo cool!

Meeting more friends!

We have been so blessed this summer! We got to meet more friends from across the country! This time they were east coast! Maryland! I have been friends with the momma for quite a few years after meeting her online through a neat yahoo group. They came through town and we got to spend a couple hours with them showing them around downtown Hannibal. It was sooo hot outside and they were all troopers and I have to say, I loved them. The whole family! I wanted to keep them!!! The kids were gorgeous and handsome ( for the boy of course) and so polite and kind to my kids. The momma was everything I had thought she would be and so much more! The daddy was kind and easy to get along with. We had a blast!

More penpal and guest pictures

Ok found some more adorable pictures of the girls and their penpals from Texas that came to visit! Please excuse the chubby mom in bed in the one pic... I was snuggling some cute babies!! :) Yes they are still babies to me. I had so much fun. Loved those kids!!! Their mom was pretty dang awesome too!

4th of July and guests

When I started the penpal program a couple years ago, I never imagined I would actually get to meet penpals from across the country! We had the honor of having the girls penpals from Texas come to stay with us for a few days! It was perfect because it happened around the 4th of July so we got to show them what Tom Sawyer Days was all about!
We played outside, we snuggled, we ate pizza, we went to a parade, we went to the arts and crafts and Dylan and Sydney both got to ride their first carnival rides ever! Our little family watched the big fireworks in our favorite spot ( no Im not telling, but it is the BEST SPOT EVER) and we had to say goodbye to our penpals. But it was such a neat summer memory!

Sydney's 6th Birthday

My baby turned 6. I know. You may shed a tear with me if you'd like. sob.
She is such a joy and so stinking onery! We love her to death!
Six years ago she was born on fathers day. I didn't get Keith anything else for Fathers Day that year... I thought a baby was enough.
This year her birthday fell on Father's Day again. So we had a party!
She wanted a candy party! So candy all around, oh and cupcakes and cookie cake too! We also bought a Fathers Day cake for all the daddies :) and one future dad, who really really wanted in the picture with the guys.
Here are some pics!

Ridiculously Behind.....

So my computer has a virus. Which means I have not been posting to my lovely blog. Which also means my kids entire summer etc has not been recorded for future posterity and for me when I grow old and senile. :)
So Im going to try and catch up a bit. Sigh. This might take awhile.
Love, JL

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why Im a Stay At Home Momma

"Children are like trees. When they are young, their lives can be shaped and directed, usually with ever so little effort. Said the writer of Proverbs, 'Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it' (22:6). That training finds its roots in the home. There will be little of help from other sources. Do not depend on government to help in this darkening situation. Barbara Bush, wife of former United States president George Bush, spoke wisely when in Wellesley, Massachusetts, in 1990 she addressed the Wellesley College graduating class and said, 'Your success as a family, our success as society, depends not on what happens at the White House, but on what happens inside your house.' "

Gordon B. Hinckley, "Four Simple Things to Help Our Families and Our Nations," Ensign, Sept. 1996, 7

This right here explaines why I am a stay at home momma and I homeschool my kids. I agree with this quote ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!
Love, JL

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A day where I dont HAVE to do anything!!! Isn't that horrible of me? Its been almost a week since I had a lazy day. Well, sunday I did nothing but sleep, didn't even make it to church.. all i did was sleep. I guess that is a lazy day, but it couldn't be helped. My body was done.

Today is a fun lazy day! I will still be doing things.... i.e. dishes, laundry, reminding Dylan to blow his nose, etc. But I get to choose whether to read a book, or watch a movie! I get to do dishes in my pajamas! How thankful I am for days like this. Getting to tinker around in my home making it comfy and loving on my babies. We have been so busy and so stressed, thats really not the way life is supposed to be I've decided. So life, listen up! NO MORE!!! hehe, yeah right. But I can dream!

I have two articles due.... One of them I got up just in time its here LATTER DAY HOMESCHOOLING
and the other will be done soon hopefully... it will be on here MORMON MOMMY BLOGS
It's not done yet, but its still a fun blog. I have penpals coming out my ears, which is awesome... check us out HERE
and Im still working on my second book... which will probably never be finished.
I have been working on getting the kids school stuff together for next year. I want them to have a rockin awesome summer, but I always love to plan things out for the next year. We are going to babysit a friend's daughter in a couple of weeks, she is so dang cute and the girls and her really love each other. That will be fun. Let's see what else.... I dont know Im tired now. :) But its a lazy day, so I think I will go lay in my bed and read a book, BEFORE i start laundry!!!! Egads I know!!!! Can you believe how naughty I am???? LOL!!!!

With Love, JL

Saturday, May 15, 2010

yard sale and sleep studies

What a busy week! I babysat on wednesday and then thursday worked hard on getting a yard sale together. Thursday evening Keith got home from work then turned right around and took Marlee to St Louis Childrens Hospital for her sleep study. She did awesome!!! We get full results in 2 weeks, but she didnt have to be on oxygen all night! Friday at noon the yard sale started... we worked hard until about 6, then put it away, then Saturday morning ( today lol) we woke up to RAIN!!! Our neighbor let us borrow one of their tents, they sell candles at outdoor festivals etc, and they had a yard sale too and had an extra tent. I sold a whole 2.50 today lol! Thank goodness we had it yesterday too. Didnt make as much as we usually do, but every little bit helps! I still have some homeschool stuff left, but nothing else!! AWESOME!!! I am ready to get my house cleaned up and I start babysitting again at the beginning of June. Im hoping to babysit quite a bit this summer and Keith is going to try and work overtime, so we can get life straightened out so that I can continue to stay home with the kids and homeschool them in the fall :)
Love, JL

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Of Celestial Parentage

Life has been rough lately. Here are a few neat quotes that have really helped me.
From Pres. Uchtdorf
" Hold on a little longer. You can do this! You are a part of a special generation. You were prepared and preserved to live at this important time in the existence of our beautiful planet earth. You have a celestial pedigree and therefore have all the necessary talents to make your life an eternal success story."

From Dallin H Oaks
" Consider the power of the idea taught in our beloved song 'I am a Child of God'.... Here is the answer to one of life's great questions, 'Who am I?' I am a child of God with a spirit lineage to heavenly parents. That parentage defines our eternal potential. That powerful idea is a potent antidepressant. It can strengthen each of us to make righteous choices and to seek the best that is within us. Establish in the mind of a ..person the powerful idea that he or she is a child of God and you have given self-respect and motivation to move against the problems of life."

I have been dealing with alot lately, as we all do during this earthly test. I know of people who are dealing with more than me... I pray hard for them. But at this point in my life, I have some really big decisions to make and I want to do the best I can for me and my family. It helps me to think that I have the "necessary talents to make my life an eternal success". Isn't that what Im here for??
So, today I pray and think and ponder and love my kids and work on my family. I'll keep on trucking. Just remember who you are my dear friends. i love you all <3

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday and recording for the future

Today is my 29th birthday. I have alot of good goals and hopes for this last year in my 20's. Hard to believe!

When I started this blog, I tried to record the fun things we were doing as a family, what my kids did in school, etc. But I realized that this blog has become a record of my family and one day I hope to print it out and put it in my families scrapbooks etc, so that they have this record of our family.

Because of that, I feel the need to put in here what this past week has been like. It isnt pleasant, but it is life, and it should be recorded.

About two weeks ago I found out I was pregnant. I was thrilled as my body started to change in the small ways that happen when you first become pregnant. On sunday April25th, I miscarried. For some reason, miscarriages tend to be a bit taboo, people dont talk about them much, but for me, it is a part of my families history. Its been a rough week, my body was to low on iron and i was sad, but this is part of my history.

To top that off, it was the birthday of my nephew Moses just a couple of days later, I miss him so much. He is a perfect angel now.

We found out yesterday that we are very lucky to have our Marlee girl, her pulse/ox test came back, we had hoped her surgery had worked, but it didnt. Her average o2 level was 88 and it dropped below 50 % at times. She was started on oxygen last night. She now has the big o2 concentrator and all the goodies that go along with it. She had a rough night but it should get easier. She goes in for a sleep study at st louis on may13th, so we can find out why this is happening to her.

It seems as though alot of sadness has happened but I feel so blessed. I have a family that loves me, my daughter is safe because of modern medicine, my birthday is good because I set goals for the next year of my life and I like that.
I have friends and family and I love them more than words can say. This is my history, my record for today, april 29th 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Much To Do!!!!

Today was spent outside!!! The weather was perfect for getting my lovely yard in order!! Finished mowing around the raspberries and the honeysuckle and grape vines..Always a task, plus have to weed around the things that the mower can't get to! Dylan was a hard worker and helped me weed around the trampoline :) He is so dang cute. He was like " Im such a hard worker" yup, you are son!!
The big "project" of the day was getting our sunflower garden ready. Last year we planted a "fairy garden" for the girls, this year we are planting a sunflower garden in that spot, so we are really excited. We have 4 different varieties of sunflowers and they are planted and ready to grow!! Once they are big enough, the little wooden and iron puppy bench will go in the garden for the kiddos to sit under the sunflowers! Sunflowers make me happy. :)
I also finally got the poor birds some new suet for the feeder in front of the dining room window.. its been a few days and they kind of look at me like, hello, did you forget me????
Tomorrow it is supposed to be nice out again, hopefully, so the plan is to get the side of the house all ready to plant... We have 9 fruit trees that line the hill on the side of the house, plus a big fence, oh and a highway up the hill, lol, but we have kind of a neat little spot tucked away from things, and we put a swing over there and solar lights last year. This year we are planting moonflowers, etc... things that will look spectacular at night, and maybe some more solar lights and a table, etc... so that we can have a comfy little spot to hang out at night. Or snuggle. :) I like to snuggle at night on the swing with my kiddos and hubby.
Later in the summer, we have a biiig project planned, but only if money allows. A patio with a chimnea :) Don't you just love that word??? Chimnea. Yup, i had to say it again!!!
Unfortunately, before we go outside tomorrow, we have to clean bedrooms. Yikes. Hopefully we will make it outside hahaha!!! If no one sees us outside, you may need to come search for us, because we are buried under transformers and care bears!!!!!!
I will be going to my inlaws soon to borrow their computer... I miss sooo much having pictures on here!!! It stinks! But I've found a new computer, I just have to save a bit more and I can get it, whew. It is soooooo needed!!!!
Have a fantastic day and know I love you all!!!!! :) Love, JL

Monday, April 19, 2010

So frustrated... and goals for school

Wierd title I know. Im so frustrated with my computer. I can't upload any pictures which makes my blog quite dull :( I can barely write on here without it clicking me off and jamming up my computer. We will see how it goes. Defintely time for a new computer. Anyone wanna make a donation to the help Jaelle get a computer fund HAHAHA!!

We are currently on "summer" break from homeschool, so we basically do alot of fun activities and not so much actual school work. All three kids are done with their "grade level" for the year, so we are having some fun. Here are my goals this week:
Begin teaching Dylan cursive ( this will be done in a calm, fun way, so he ends up loving it!!!!!)
Plant our Venus Fly Trap that we bought from the zoo!!! So cool!
Identify the beautiful gems from the Native American Store that I bought about 2 months ago... yup, just now getting around to doing that lol
Continue reading the general conference talks and playing bingo with different assorted treats :)
Plant Sunflowers in back yard ( doing this today hopefully)
Listen to the Honesty cd from Valuesparenting.com SOO excited for this... It's Alexanders Amazing Adventures and you get one each month, 12 values to teach your kids!!!!!
Thats school for the week..... good goals :)
Plus the normal playing outside as long as it is nice, making dinners, laundry, all that normal good stuff!!!
Love, JL

Friday, April 16, 2010

All I want for my birthday is.....

A new computer :( I am just barely able to type this... it is taking about 10 minutes for each word to appear it seems like. Sheesh.
So, I guess the bad news is the birthday giveaway is over. I had hoped to do a full 30 days of giveaways, but to all of you who played, and won, your gifts are on the way..... It was fun wasnt it??????

Today has been a rough day, the computer is broke, and my tummy has been soooo sick
:( I hope im not getting the flu, that is the last thing we need!!!!
My heart has been full with love and prayers for my friends, alot of them have been going through really rough times and have asked for prayers and I have defintely been praying hard. I love you all so much. I wish there was a way I could make things better, but I know that my prayers do at least get heard by Him.

Im hoping to go to Nauvoo tomorrow... we will have to see how I feel. I just need to feel the spirit there that is so strong and lovely :) Umm... I guess that is all for now. Im going to go lay down for a bit :)
Love, JL

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



I cant believe im on present #14!!! That is crazy!!!
This present is pretty awesome.. my friend Carolyn is one of those amazing work at home moms, and she has some neat businesses.... so this week we are featuring her!!!!
She is a sweetie and always willing to help out and I am so incredibly thankful that she is helping me to celebrate my birthday!

She is a scentsy consultant... if you havent heard of scentsy... you are missing out!!!!! They have over 80 different fragrances to choose from! They have the most adorable candle warmers... sooo many different kinds. It is so fun to look through all the different things they offer... and to one lucky person who wins my birthday present today... you will get:
A $25 gift certificate to Carolyns Scentsy website!!!!!!! Its only redeemable through Carolyn, but its FANTASTIC!!!!! Let me tell you, I looked through the catalog and my dream list was a mile long!!!
Check out:

Come back here and comment and tell me what your favorite fragrance and warmer would be!!!! So hard to choose!!! The prices are awesome too, just thought I'd throw that in :)
Love, JL

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Organizing junkie and Spring Cleaning

This is really no fun without pictures :( But we need to do the Big Spring Clean again... at least I do!! LOL!!!
So.... if you are up to it... do something each day to spring clean, then come back and tell me. I will find a fantastic prize ( something to do with house and home of course) and we will have fun together trying to cheer each other on!!!
Today I cleaned my dining room hutch. Oy. It was stuffed!!! LOL... it took an entire garbage bag to get rid of old receipts, bank statements, beautiful pictures that my kids made me ( i receive about fifty pics a day rofl!!!!) and more junk. It looks fantastic now!!!
My big goal is to get one of the kids rooms done. Wow. Maybe tomorrow?? lol.
I have to clean up the living room... dining room is done! I went ahead and cleaned it after I cleaned out the hutch :)
So much to do!!! Plus I have to make dinner ( I try to make it ahead of time so Im not time crunched when Keith comes home from work and thinking... shoot i forgot to get dinner made!! LOL!!!! Yup, Im that ditzy at times !!!!!
Tonight is crescent rolls with chicken goodies stuffed in. wait, chicken goodies makes it sound gross... its the chicken roll up... chicken, cream of chicken soup, cheese and then you wrap the crescent around it... and mixed veggies :)
Hmm... what else. I have been working on penpal stuff... oh and if you want you can send me a birthday card. lol. way to be subtle huh!!!
JL Kaylor
6 Kroencke Lane
Hannibal, MO
I love cards!!! I will send you one for your birthday too if I know it!!!! :)
Love, JL



Man, April is flying by!!! Its getting closer and closer to my actual birthday.. April 29th. Man, Im going to be 29 on the 29th!! lol.

Ok, so this is kind of a fun present. Remember how in the early 90's everyone made "mix tapes" for each other... All their favorite songs on a cassette tape and then gave it away?? I thought, how fun would it be if I gave away a "mix" cd of my favorite songs??????? I want this to be about things I love, and so far I have LOVED everything I've given away.. So I was thinking about it last night, and I think today is the day. Im giving away a "mix" cd of my favorite songs!!!!!!!!!
It will be a big ole surprise!!!!!!!! :)

I know its kind of a silly present, but its from my heart. We will get back to cool presents tomorrow lol! I just wanted to do something personal. :)

Leave me a comment and tell me something fantastic lol. I will choose the winner using random.org tonight!!!


Monday, April 12, 2010

300 posts, a smooshed foot and the zoo

I am trying hard to stick some regular posts in here in between giving away my brithday presents :)
I just realized that I have written over 300 posts on this blog!! CRAZY!!!! I am soo excited! YAY for 300 posts!!!!
Now for the tale of the smooshed foot... this has happened twice now in the same place!!! We go to Keiths grandmas.. and first it was Marlee, and this time it was Sydney.. their foot gets slammed in the door!!!!!!!! So Sydney had to of course milk it for all it was worth haha :) She did have a little bruise.. but shes fine and dandy now :)
Now for the zoo!!! We had a blast at the St Louis Zoo today!! Go here to see how cool it is ST LOUIS ZOO

It was the first day of the cardinals season... so the red tshirts were everywhere!! It wasnt to busy and we had such a great time.. we rode the train, and got to see all the animals. We were pooped out when we got home, but it was well worth it to see my kids happy faces as they inspected each and every animal that was there! We just kept talking about how wonderful our Heavenly Father is to have created all these neat animals!!!
So thats my day... check back in tomorrow for another birthday present!! :)
Love you all, JL

Ultimate Blog Party 2010


GO CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!! amazing!!!!

For those of you visiting me from this awesome party... scroll down one post, and enter to win from my birthday presents!! My birthday is this month and we are partying!!!!! :)
Love, JL

Sunday, April 11, 2010



Yup... I missed # 11, hehehe :)
Here is my present to you.... from the amazing folks at lilsprouts ( an etsy store, i dooo love etsy!!) one of my favorite all time candle scents.. cranberry farm!!!!


Go check it out!!!
Come back here and tell me what you most like, or your favorite scent... I adore the fact that they are organic, vegan, eco friendly all that good stuff!! And I love cranberry scented anything!!!!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

dead computer....

My computer is slowly dying. im so sad. :( I am not able to upload pics, I can barely get on the internet.. it stinks!! LOL!!!!
So please forgive me if for some reason, i miss a day of presents... I am going to do my darndest not to though!!! :)
WIth Love,

Birthday Presents # 9 and # 10


2 winners today!!!!
Yesterday was wonderful! I played outside all day!! :)
So today Im back giving away some of my favorite things to those I love! :)

PS- My computer is sooo broke, so I cant upload pics :( But hopefully you will understand :)

Birthday Presents for today:
Two books from one of my favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks
Dear John
The Last Song

Here are the rules:
Comment here and tell me something... I dont care what :) LOL!!!!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!!

Happy Birthday Month, Love, JL

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 9 of birthday month... a confession

Today is Day 9 of my big birthday month celebration.. my gift to you... my confession. This is a really hard post to write!!!
I have worn myself thin with trying so hard to keep up with this blog, my homeschool blog, the penpal program etc.. oh yeah and being a MOMMA!!!! So I am taking the day off from the gift giveaway... come back tomorrow.. I will be giving away 2 gifts to make up for it :) I promise!!
I am going to sit in the sunshine today. I am going to read a book!!! I am going to snuggle my kids and kiss them so much they may not have skin left!! I am going to take a bubble bath and relax. Hopefully, with this little break from the computer etc.. I can have the strength to continue doing the things that I feel are so important.. which is love my friends, write, advocate for LDS homeschooling and help people connect. I love those things. I will continue to do those things.. but this momma is burnt out and needs a break!! :)
Like I said though.. come back tomorrow ( saturday) and I will be giving away 2 Amazing presents.. because I love my friends :)
With Love, JL



Whew, this has been so fun!!! I can't believe we are on day 8 already!!! I've given away some awesome birthday presents!!!!

Todays present is something I would TOTALLY wear!!!! It is so stinking cute!!!
Head over to http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=42786336

and check it out!!!! It is sooo cute!!! I want one!! :)

Required entry:
*Head over to the shop and tell me what other product you would get.... gonna be hard to decide!!!

Extra Entries:
* blog, facebook, or tweet about this giveaway
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* become a follower of my blog

Each of these is an entry, but dont forget to come back here and tell me you did it! and please make sure i have a way to get ahold of you!!! :)

Happy birthday present day #8!!!!!


Top 50 Best Christian Homeschool Sites

And my site is #30!!! WOO HOO!!! www.ldshomeschoolersRus.blogspot.com
You can see all of the sites at:

woo hoo!!! and now back to our regulary scheduled BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!! HAHA!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Ok, Twilight Lovers... and yes I am one of them!!! Today's giveaway is AWESOME!!!!!
There is a big deal going on, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob... well since its MY birthday month, Im giving away a gift from MY TEAM!!!!!
Here is the required entry.....
* Go to http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=44212603 and tell me if Im Team Edward or Team Jacob!!!!! :)

Thanks so much to the awesome people at Aripag Designs... This girl is sooo talented! She has the cutest stuff in her shop!!!! I adore Etsy, Im all about the handmade stuff!!!! :) When I saw this I knew I wanted it to be one of my birthday presents... see how sneaky I am by not giving away what it is!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont forget to comment and tell me what team im on!!!

Extra Entries:
* Become a follower of my blog-- dont forget to comment and tell me if you've done this!! If you are already a follower... tell me! You still are getting an extry entry! lol
* Go back to http://www.etsy.com/shop/aripagdesigns and tell me what other thing you LOOOOVVVVEEEE :)
* Facebook this
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Each one is an entry, but make sure you come back and comment and tell me what you did!! Oh and leave a way for me to get in touch with you if you win!!!!! :)

Happy Birthday Month!!! Yay Twilight fans!!!!
Love, JL

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bike Crash!!!

I am still trying to throw a regular blog post in here now and then.....
Today Dylan had his first bike wreck. It was awful!!! He landed on his FACE!!!!
Poor baby!!! He stood up spitting gravel out of his mouth!! My neighbor ( whose house he crashed right in front of) came running out of her door, I came running down the street... we had friends over to play and she was trying to round up all the little kids and get bikes out of the street... as I was getting Dylan inside, my youngest Sydney ( the very onery one) decided to sneak off on her bike and I caught her almost to the main road... just as my sister in law and brother in law were turning in to deliver a tire for my husband!!! AAAAHHHH!!! CHAOS!!!!
Well, Dylan is ok now, but he may have a scar on his eyebrow... I told him most BMX bikers have battle scars.. he thought that was ok. His cheek has road rash, his elbow is busted up and his knee is too... Poor little man. He's so brave though. No tears, just almost passed out !!!!! Yikes!!!
Its hard being a momma. But I know that bike wrecks happen, so we just have to stay calm and deal with it :)
I love my babies :)



This is one of my favorites because I adore the woman who owns this website and I used to write for it!!! Birthday present #6.... A 3 month subscription to the Deluxe Edition at www.homemaking-cottage.com !!! AMAZING!!!
Not only do they have wonderful, informative articles on the regular site, but the Deluxe Edition takes it so much further! Anything you can think of... they've written about it! Over 891 original articles on the deluxe edition alone!!! This is some kinda wonderful place to be!!! I love this website!

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Have fun everyone!!! I will be choosing the winner, by random.org tonight at 8 pm!!!! This has been so fun.... although im a bit jealous, lol!!! Thats ok though! I love my friends!!!! :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Present # 5!!!!!


The gift of safety!!! I am a very protective momma bear.... with this birthday present, my baby bear will be safe too!!! From www.mypreciouskid.com they are giving away a child locator!!!! Check it out here.... http://www.mypreciouskid.com/child-locator.html Now that is a good birthday present!!!! Peace of mind!!!!
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Oh, the little bear snaps to their shoelaces!!! How cute is that??? Can I tell you just how much my childrens safety means to me? This is a good birthday present... safety of my babies... :)
Hope you win!!! Tell all your friends!!! This is so fun!!!
Happy Birthday month to me!!!!
Love, JL

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Easter Gift To You...

A gentle reminder of why we celebrate this holiday...
As I read my scriptures last night, I focused on the last days of Christs life. As I read , the Spirit was strong, reminding me that He died for me too.... I am always so thankful for His gift to the world.. but sometimes feel as though Im not worthy of this precious gift. Last night as I read, I was reminded that He died for me too. No matter what. Just like He died for you. With his stripes, we are healed. My gift to you.... a reminder of how much He loves you.
No birthday presents today.. just sweet thoughts of love for my friends, love for my Savior, and love for the resurrection of Christ.
Love, JL

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Birthday Present # 3 - Its a doozy!!!!


Birthday present #3 today !!!!!!
ITS A BIG ONE!!!!!!!!!

The amazing people at www.notbacktoschooldays.com are giving away a DISNEYLAND PARK HOPPER TICKET!!!!!
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It's good for 6 days, but must be activated during the week of September 7-11th... which works out perfect if you are attending the NOT BACK TO SCHOOL DAYS homeschool event at Disneyland in gorgeous Anaheim California!!! ( early bird registration ends april 15th!!!!
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Now, tell me this isnt an amazing birthday present!! :)
I want to go soooo bad!!!!!
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Ok, this is a big one folks... I am really really excited and since its my birthday celebration I will tell you this... I love homeschooling :) I also love disneyland :) even though ive never been there... i love anything disney :)
Love, JL

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sunshine Day

I wanted to stick a regular post in here... because I love to blog!!!!
Yesterday and today have been a blast!!! Yesterday it was gorgeous!!!!
Sunny and about 80 degrees! We played outside with all the neighbors in the morning, I got to swing on my big ole swing and talk with my neighbor for like an hour!! How I love the company of other women!
Then we got picked up by another friend and we went to the school playground with her and her kids ! They used to live across the street from us and we miss them!! It was sooo much fun to see the kids play, they were so happy to see each other! I even convinced my friend to swing on the swing set with me!!! ( which by the way is quite a workout! my kind of workout! ) Unfortunately those couple hours in the bright hot sun gave me quite the beautiful tomato face! ( its ok though!!)
After we got home from that, we immediatly headed to our next door neighbors and played in the hose!! LOL! My kids were sooo filthy and wet!! Time for bubble baths after that!
Today was an equally nice day.. my hubby was home :) We had a good time running some errands and then playing outside in our backyard ( again with a bunch of neighbor kids, we are really blessed, that the kids have built in friends!) Dylan and his friend Chandler dug for treasure in their big digging hole ( yes i really have a big hole in the middle of my backyard, with a bunch of shovels and stuff in it just so my kids can dig to china if they wish!!) The girls jumped on the trampoline with two other neighbor girls and Keith and I sat back and relaxed and watched!
I ran to my friends house for just a bit, for some mommy time, just to chat and then tonight we headed out to see my parents and aunt vonnie.
The kids are headed towards bed now and I am ready to crash!!! Everyone have an awesome evening!! Don't forget to check back in tomorrow!! Birthday Present #3 will be posted and ready to win!! This has been so much fun for me. How I love my friends and love making new ones!
Love, JL

Birthday Present # 2.........


This is sooooo fun!!!! Today is Birthday Present # 2 and I LOVE IT!!!!
Miss Gena Cornett from www.comfortwearables.com is giving away a Mother/ Child Camo Tee Set!! SOOOOO COOL!!! Im a big fan of camo.... not because I hunt, lol, cause Im also a big fan of animals, lol, but because Im a friend to many military folks, who are amazing to me. Plus, you have to admit, camo is COOL!!
The giveaway is for :
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It is so stinking cute!! I love it.. I wanna keep this present, just like I wanted to keep yesterdays bday present, but remember everyone I LOVE YOU!!!!

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Thank you sooo much to everyone who is helping me celebrate my birthday month!!!!! It is so stinking fun!!! :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Its Official!!!!!


Today is the start of my birthday month!!!!!!!!!!! In honor of birthdays, which are so fun... Im giving away a birthday present a day for the next month!!!!
I love my friends and can't wait to give you my presents!! :)
Today, to kick it all off... is a yummy jar of OWLICIOUS LEMON MERINGUE DELIGHT FLUFFY WHIP CREAM SOAP!!!!!
Now, if you know me, or even if you dont, I love bubble baths!!!! Any kind of yummy soap, bubble bath, shower gel, whatever, I adore!!!
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Birthday Month...

April is my birthday month!!!!!!
Do I have a surprise coming up for you.......
But you will have to wait.
Just like a present.
You have to wait.
But it will be worth it, I promise.....
Love, JL
the April Birthday Girl :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Easter Bilby

I can't believe Easter is almost here!!! Where the heck did the time go???
I am really getting excited, with the flowers blooming outside, the warmer weather and of course, concentrating on the real reason we celebrate Easter... Our Savior.
I have an amazing friend who lives in Australia ( my dream, where I want to live :)
and we were emailing today about our Easter plans. She told me that they dont really have the Easter bunny... maybe an Easter Bilby??? So of course I had to go look up what the heck a bilby was... oh my goodness, it is the darn cutest thing in the world!!
I have been working on the penpal program today, and I just get so amazed at the fact that we have friends from all over the world now, and that with homeschooling, my kids are getting to learn about things like the "easter" bilby!!! Just from her mentioning that, we got to go look up what it looks like, how it lives etc.. what a fun learning opportunity! Im pretty thankful for it.
I hope everyone has wonderful easter plans.. this year I believe we are going to take pics of the kids in their Easter outfits and do the hiding of eggs, etc... then have a nice lesson and dinner... lesson on the real reason of Easter and dinner because we like to eat :)
With Love, JL
ps-- im not posting a picture of a bilby... go look it up with your kids!! It will crack you up!!! :) I love it!
pps-- check out my friends blog... from down under :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Beautiful Day :)

Finally! It is nice outside!! Spent the morning cleaning up winter garbage around the yard.. while the kids rode their bikes and jumped on the trampoline! What a great way to start my day! This afternoon I will be working in the strawberry "patch" getting it ready.. we already have little strawberry plants coming up and I need to get alot of work done in it and get ready to plant the new plants!! :) Im a happy girl when I can play outside!!!
Does anyone have any good tips for storing outdoor toys like skateboards and baseball bats, etc???
Love, JL

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Dream I Had Last Night......

I have always had very vivid dreams. Sometimes its a blessing, sometimes its a curse.
There are three dreams I remember very clearly. All three have really helped me in my life.
I will start with the dream I had last night. It was "inspired" by two things, one, my oldest Dylan has been giving us some trouble. He is almost 9 ( I cant believe I just wrote that!) and has been stretching his wings for independance. Which translates into throwing fits, talking back, you get the idea. The second thing that inspired the dream was my friend Laura texting me. She has a son who is the same age as Dylan. Her text was simple. " we have tweens." It hit me with full force!! Maybe that's why Dylan is acting like this. Maybe its not because Im a horrific momma. Maybe he is just entering the "tween" phase and truly trying to find who he is, what his limits are etc.
So, after another night last night of back talking, and praying, Heavenly Father what the heck do I do with this boy???? I had a dream......... ( note: my dreams can be wierd, but stick with me here)
We were in a parking lot at a place like walmart.... It was a big parking lot. There were cars parked there and I came out of the store and there was Dylan.... rollerblading ( remember they are wierd, but stick with me). He was going really fast, and he was really good, but when I called for him to come to me, he ignored me and rollerbladed farther away. There were cars driving around, I was frightened that he was going to get hurt!! I began to run, and as he went faster and faster around the parking lot, I began to get really frightened. I started screaming his name and running as fast as I could , I felt so much frustration and fear, I knew he was going to get hurt! Soon, a worker from the store came out and started yelling at Dylan to stop also... Dylan ignored him too. Sometimes Dylan was almost in my reach, and I missed him. Soon, I looked up and here comes my husband in our suv, zooming as fast as he could to try and catch Dylan. Now I was worried that Keith was going to cause an accident, but his face showed his fear that we weren't going to catch Dylan, and that he was going to get hurt.
This went on for way to long, I was seriously exhausted when I woke up. I finally did catch Dylan, and I wanted to wollop him!!!!! I was soooo angry that he would not listen to us and put himself in danger. When I woke up, I was shaking!
Now, here are my thoughts on this dream. Dylan is at an age, where if I don't work hard with him, try to stay "close" emotionally etc to him, he is going to get to the age where he can just rollerblade away, and I wont have the opportunity to teach him the rules of the "road". I realize that I have only a short time with my children before they become adults and fly away. It really strengthened my resolve to teach my children as much as I can, and to rely on Heavenly Father to show me the way. I made sure to give Dylan a BIG OLE HUG, when he woke up this morning. Dreams are wierd, for sure, but in this instance, I realized that Dylan is at an age where he should have more accountability ( he has been baptized) and that he needs to be taught continually , how to make right choices ( dont go rollerblading away from your momma in a busy parking lot mister!!!!)
I joined valuesparenting.com and signed up for their neat program for elementary aged children. They give such neat ideas on how to teach your children obedience, how to make decisions, and all of the other important values that we need to instill in our children. I still have alot of praying to do. But I know that Im not going to "lose" my son to his bad behavior. He just needs to be taught the tools to deal with his emotions, which are all over the place, and to be taught how to make better decisions and show respect. So I guess Im glad I had this wierd dream.
This post is kinda long.... I am going to leave the other two dreams for seperate posts, as they both have their story. Even if no one reads these, I will have them for posterity :)
Love, JL

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Mom HELP ME

I received this lovely handwritten note this morning... Translation:
Dear mom HELP ME
I have like 100 kids
I need your help
with my kids
p.s. help me now

Dont we all feel like writing this note to our moms??? Oh and by the way, the other picture is of my kids and my 100 grandkids. Dont I look hot for a grandma?????

Being a momma is never dull....

So my kids have a new "thing". They love to hide around the house and when their momma walks in the room.... they jump out and say BOO!!!!!!!
They get me every time!
Being a momma is never dull....

so much goin on...

Well, i have been cleaning like a mad woman. The playroom is done :) my bedroom is done :) the living room and dining room need their daily cleaning then they are done :)
The kitchen will be done today! Woo hoo! My house is starting to look normal.
Unfortunately this weekend, we begin outside clean up. Major work!!!! It is always a big job when we start to get the yard ready for spring and summer, but its good work, because we spend alot of time outside :)
Oh, and then there is the cleaning of the storage room. SHEESH. That will take quite a long time. But then its yard sale time!!!
We have been staying busy, cleaning, playing, getting stuff ready for the lds penpals and getting Flat Stanley on the way. The kids are DONE with school for this year. It is time for me to order the books for the next school "year" ( we do school year round, sort of, we take big breaks and just work when we are feeling like it, but we get a ton done when we do work, so it works out perfect!!!) We will be making nature journals for the spring and summer so that will be fun!!!!
So much to do!!!
I love spring!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring where are you????

Today is the official first day of spring. We have been TEASED by 2 days of playing outside and digging in the mud and riding bikes. Oh, don't forget, no jackets!!!!
Today on this official first day of spring, we have snow. Yup, I said it. SNOW!!!!!
Spring, where are you?? Don't you know I need your sunshine, your warmth, the beautiful buds on the trees and the birds singing? I need you!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

green jello with carrots

Ok, Im officially in love. This is the link people.... www.greenjellowithcarrots.blogspot.com and their blog is giving away tons of CUTE stuff!!!! For free!!!! I love all the cute things they have and the music that comes up is darn cute!!!!!
Go check it out... you wont be sorry!!!! If only I was this talented!!! My dream!!!
So many cute things for your family!!!
Love JL

Monday, March 15, 2010

They need their momma....

It has been a very rough week. Keiths moms has been in the ICU, we didnt know if she was going to pull through. All I could think of is, how are we going to explain another death to our children? We have had 5 deaths in under 2 years. Our kids have been through alot of trauma, but they are amazing, because they know what happens, they have strong testimonies. They know that Heavenly Father loves them. After this week, I hope they know how much their momma loves them.

Keith and I spent quite a few days, back and forth to St Louis, leaving the kids with my parents, so that they would be safe. Long days. Im not used to being away from my babies. They were excellent though, no tears, no momma i want you to stay, nothing like that. lol. They were happy we were going. But today was a different story.

Today is the first day, where daddy has gone back to work, and momma was here all day with her babies. I was theirs all day long. As I was working on trying to get our house put back together, I would hear little voices say, " i love you momma" just out of the blue. While folding laundry, I had sweet little arms wrapped around me hugging me. While making lunch, i had many little helpers, happy to have lunch in their home, with their momma. You see, my kids need their momma. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Organizing Junkie Day Two

Ok, so today I organized my pantry shelves that held the cookbooks and cereal, etc.
I also organized the photo album shelf, but I think Im going to go back and do the first shelf over, because im not 100% happy with it when I see it in the photo.... lol. anal i know :)
Did you organize a small spot of your home today??????
Love, JL

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day One Organizing junkie :)

Ok, today I organized the drawers under the entertainment center. They were sooo awful! Tons of empty dvd cases, dvds everywhere, paper, broken crayons, lol. awful!
So here are the pics of the two drawers. One is for our dvds, the other is for coloring books, drawing paper, etc. :)
They turned out quite nice and I like that Im only doing a little each day, then posting a pic so I am actually accountable! Im so ready for my home to be organized!!!
With Love, JL

I've Been Inspired :)

I adore the blog www.orgjunkie.com I love to look at the pics of her home and how she organizes it and also, i love the menu plan mondays! So... Ive decided that each day I will take a spot in my home, organize it, then take a pic of it and post it on here. It will make me be accountable for organizing my home. I love my home. Its not huge and fancy, but it is perfect for us :)
So... if you wanna play along go for it! Just pic a spot each day ( not a whole room, just a spot) and organize it then post a pic !!!! :)
Dont forget to send my your links so i can go look at the progress you're making! Im ready for spring!!! Time to get this house in order!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Edition of Syd Sayings, or Singings :)

Here we are at another edition of the ever popular, Sydney Sayings, or in this particular case, Syndey Singings! My 5 year old has found her singing voice. She now has decided that she is going to be a rock star when she grows up. She goes everywhere with a microphone, you never know when you might need to sing.
A couple of fun singing times:
Tonight while Syd was in the bathtub we all had the joy of hearing a la "o brother where art thou" , sydneys version of " well i went down to the river to pray" she got all soul sister and started belting out " oooh sydney, lets go down, lets go down, wont ya come on down, oooh sydney lets go down, down to the river to pray"
then she proceeded to announce that she was going to baptize herself HAHAHA

The other day during play time, a la " mommy is tired so go find something to play with" we had the joy of hearing at the very top of her lungs, sydney singing " the sun will come out" by annie. Of course the lyrics are quite fun when sydney sings it . " the sun will come out tomorrow, betchya bottom that tomorrow, there will be sorrow." hahahaah

This ends this edition of sydney sayings. LOL!!! :) she brings us such joy, but she is SUCH a sourpatch kid, first she's sour, then shes oh so sweet :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A School Day :)

My girls are so cute. Not only do we homeschool daily, but they like to "play" school! It was so funny this morning, as I was doing the dishes and Dylan was helping me cook dinner to stick in the fridge for tonight, the girls were sitting at the dining room table. Marlee was saying things like " After prayer, we will go over our family rules and then we will read from the scriptures" and they had a little prayer, read over the family rules, then Marlee read a verse from the scriptures. The whole time Sydney was sitting like a little angel. Why doesnt she do that for me?? LOL. After that Marlee decided to help Sydney work on her reading and writing. Marlee has been so wonderful in helping Syd to read. I am so proud of both of them. It was just so darling to watch them as they played and to realize that I am just such a proud momma, because my kids are so cool!
Im thankful to be a momma, and Im thankful I have the three beautiful children that I do, and Im thankful we homeschool so I dont have to miss a minute with them!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

sunday sickies

Well, the whole family now has the nasty virus that Sydney and Marlee had ( marlee's turned into pnuemonia ) We are all hacking and coughing and generally feel like crap :(
Lots of herbal tea and honey, lots of water, and laying around like lazy bums. That is what we will be doing today. You know how when you are truly sick, you dont even feel like watching a movie?? That is us today.
I had so hoped to go to church, its been so long and with Dylans good news on his immune system, I really wanted to take everyone. But unfortunately we DONT want to share this with others!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Come to my home to visit

Welcome! Right now as I sit here at my computer, there are all kinds of things going on around me! Pull up a chair! In the living room we have a big box that is holding one child, who is coloring away. It is a beautiful box. It has been decorated with flowers, people, and a dragon! It is a fun place to sit in and color!
In the dining room we have the remnants of last nights games sitting on the table still! Uno and yahtzee! We have so much fun playing games after dinner. Sometimes its connect four and checkers! You never know!
In the kitchen is the dishes waiting to be done! lol. The sun is shining through the big kitchen window though, so doing dishes today will be a pleasure with the sun shining in my face.
In the playroom we have two kids playing. One is in the tent, reading books, the other is playing with strawberry shortcakes berry cafe. Would you like some raspberry tarts?
In the kids bedrooms mommy is especially proud because they all three made their beds! hooray! Books are laying in the tub beside their beds, ready for bedtime reading tonight. what a comfy tradition. Dylans room has all kinds of toys ready to be played with as soon as he is done in the box lol.
Our home may not be immaculate, but it is full of love and learning and that is what makes it a home! :)

Dylans Appt in St Louis

We waited sooo long for this appointment! We had to get up at 4 am!!! It was worth it though! We got bad news and good news! The good news is Dylans immune system is trying to work all on its own!! HOORAY!!!!! The bad news is his lungs are a mess. We knew that of course, but that is the reason he is so sick alot. His lungs have to work sooo hard. ;( Stinks, but they adjusted meds, and hopefully that will help the little man. He was awesome at the dr as always :)
We rewarded him with a trip to the Science Center! It was kind of a bust, because they are remodeling and alot of the stuff wasnt open, but we got to see a cool mummified baby and look at dinosaur fossils! All in all, it was a super long day... soo long, but we were thankful that his immune system is showing that it is making the right antibodies, we just have to get his lungs under control. They couldnt promise us that they would ever get under control, but we are willing to work hard to keep him alive and healthy! Keith and I decided to look into vitamins, and of course lots of healthy food and sunshine!! ( come on spring, we need you!!)

Friday, February 19, 2010


This is a rant . lol. I am so tired of winter I cant breathe!!! I need sunshine in my life!! Plus my poor kids and I have been cooped up in this house for months!!! I am out of ideas for keeping them entertained! We have built barbie houses, we have made tents, we have colored and done every single craft available to mankind. We have cooked every cookie known to mankind. We have our garden planned out. UGH!!! Make it go away!!! I need to see my beautiful sunshine and just stand outside in it for like 5 minutes!!! I dream of my fantastic house on the beach!!! lol.
Oh, and its supposed to snow. again. tonight. 2 inches. not fair.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The book is HERE!!!!

I have sitting right beside me, an actual copy of the book that I wrote with the help of some pretty darn amazing women!!!!! I am a bit dissapointed in the editing ( hey im a writer not an editor lol) and the print is tiny!! But the content is amazing and heartwarming and it will give you a great idea of what homeschooling is like! So many cute and spiritual stories! I love it!!!!
So.... if you want to purchase a copy, go to the link on the sidebar... and enjoy!!!!
Im excited!!!!! :)
Love, JL

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mardi Gras, The Olympics and Ancient Greece

This weekend we took the kids to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It was fantastic! We had a blast! With the Olympic Games going on in Canada right now, we have all kinds of fun things to learn about in school this week! Here's the lowdown, lol. We wil be learning about The history of the Olympic Games, we will be learning about Greek mythology, and learning some greek words, and we have asked a couple of friends who live in Canada to send us postcards from Canada! We will be learning about Canada as a country, etc. Its going to be fun! For Mardi Gras, we will be making a Kings Cake! Fun! Im in a baking mood, spurred by my purchase of real amish made apple butter this weekend! The amish white bread is getting ready to head to the oven, so we can feast on it tonight at dinner! YUM!!!!!
So, we will be busy this week, having a BLAST with school! Isnt that how it is supposed to be!!! :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

AVON Grand Opening Giveaway!!

For my grand opening Im offering a great giveaway! Here are the rules ( there must be rules, lol)

* Sign up as a customer! Easy and free!

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Do as many or as few as you like! But email me and let me know what you have done, so I can keep track of it!

Now......... for the prize unveiling!!!

AVON Gift Bundle:

* 1 Super Extend Mascara ( all new, all amazing!!!!)

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* Red Rose and Peach Shower Gel ( my current fave scent!!)

* Haiku Perfumed Skin Softener ( my grandma has used the skin softeners her whole life, you should see her gorgeous skin! so soft and practically wrinkle free and shes in her 70's!! amazing!)

* Brochure and assorted samples, yay!

With Love, JL


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fundraiser for Whittaker Family

Cindy Young is a good friend of our families and her daughter Christina went missing a couple months ago. It is super scary and Christina has a beautiful little daughter and a loving mother and a very sick loving grandmother who miss her so much. They need to hire a private investigator, all police leads have ran out. They have also spent alot of money on flyers etc.. trying to find her! I am having a fundraiser to help them raise some funds to continue their search. Think about it... what if this was your daughter?????? Please go to www.youravon.com/jkaylor and click on the online events tab... it will tell you all about what we are doing and there is a special promo code to enter at checkout: christina15. That way I know what money goes to the family. Avon isnt just makeup anymore!! You can find pretty much anything you want there and the prices are awesome! Not only do you get things you want, with free shipping, but you are helping this family find their beautiful daughter.
With Love, Jaelle
www.youravon.com/jkaylor promo code : Christina15

Monday, February 8, 2010

A cowboy camp-out, a new email, and more...

One of the cute things that I forgot to write about Marlee's surgery, was that the first night she was home, she had me read her a couple books, and then she tried to fall asleep. She was still pretty drugged up and was having a horrible time sleeping. Neither of us got any sleep! In the middle of the night she rolled over and looked at me and said very quietly, "Mom, I dont know how to lasso." Um... ok? I told her, " its ok Marlee, I dont know how to lasso either" then she told me that she had to learn before it was time for her cowboy camp-out! I finally got the whole story the next morning when she was more alert... I had forgotten that I had read her a cowboy Mickey Mouse book before bed, she has decided that she wants to have a cowboy camp-out for her birthday this year, and she was very upset because she couldnt lasso! Well, it sounds like we have some work ahead of us learning how to lasso!!!!
Dylan got his first email address today! It is so fun watching him learn where the keys are and how to use proper punctuation, etc. I just love watching my kids learn!
Sydney has been working on making cards all day.. she has decided to start a card business lol! She has a whole tub full of beautiful cards she has made! They are such cute kids! :) I love them!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Marlee's Surgery

Wow, it has been 5 days since Marlee-girl had her tonsils and adenoids removed! She is finally doing a little better! Yay! Even though I was really nervous about the surgery, Im very thankful we had it done... we found out the day after her surgery that a test they did confirmed that she had terrible sleep apnea! Also, right after the surgery her doctor told us that she not only had the lymphoid tissue on her tonsils but also her adenoids! He was able to make her airway much more open! Two reasons that Im thankful we had this surgery done! Also, the worry of the tissue turning into lymphoma is now gone! This was basically the first "trial" on our journey with Marlee's neurofibromatosis. We are going to go ahead and treat her as though she defintely has it, because it is much safer that way, and it takes a blood test from a geneticist to confirm it and the fastest they can get her in is JULY!!!
Here are some cute things from her surgery journey. The first thing she did when she woke up from recovery was take a piece of paper and write " popsecle" lol. We had to wait for the throat numbing medicine to wear off then she could have her "popsecle" LOL!! I probably wouldnt have been able to spell it either if i was just out of surgery! The second thing she wrote was " I have the free credit report.com song stuck in my head" she was VERY unhappy about this!!! It was the last commercial she saw on tv as they were wheeling her into surgery! I laughed so loud when I read that and the nurses were laughing and she just got a grumpy look and shook her head no. Then she wrote " NOT FUNNY" :)
The first night was horrible... neither of us got a wink of sleep, but that is very understandable. The second night was also horrible as she developed a nasty cough, ouch!!! We ended up back at the dr on friday, he was afraid she had aspirated on blood during the surgery, but thank goodness no pneumonia! Everyones prayers worked so well! God is good! She did have a ton of swelling and irritation and she was trying so hard not to swallow she would end up gurgling and coughing. So we were able to add delsym to the lortab and she has done so much better sleeping at night. We are already seeing improvements in her sleep and she is still recovering! AMAZING!! I just can't get over how amazing our Heavenly Father is! He loves my baby girl so much! She is finally starting to eat a bit of solid food, and is still drinking well and eating her "popsecles" lol. For the most part she is doing great, but you can tell when her meds start to wear off poor baby! I just tucked her into her own bed, and she is wearing her little bed buddy ice pack, and is ready for hopefully another good night sleep! Im just thankful to be able to say we made it through this trial and now we pray and wait for Dylan to go to St Louis on the 23rd.
Thank you so much for your prayers for my beautiful daughter. I appreciate it! If anyone wants to... please pray for my handsome son for the 23rd!!!!!
Love, JL

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Post On Weight....

My friend sent me a text the other day... it was of a sign she saw at hobby lobby, and she thought of us when she saw it.. it read:
"There is a skinny girl inside of me screaming to get out... I can usually shut her up with cookies"
How awesome is that???? A little background on me. I was always really petite, and when I turned 13, an innocent comment from a boy down the street made me realize, maybe im not as petite as i thought!! With other huge trials going on in my life, a sick mom a sick grandma, and having to care for them, I needed some control in my life. I could control what I ate. At this time I also was getting into animal rights and activism. What better way to begin to control my weight by becoming vegetarian! It was a win-win situation! Well, as I went along in my life, at age 13 and on, my weight got lower and lower, I ate less and less, and felt pretty dang good about myself! I started getting compliments like " you are sooo skinny!" to me that was an amazing compliment! It became more and more a part of my life, this "weight" journey and by the time I was 17 I weighed about 80 lbs. I thought I looked amazing. Well, I kind of looked like a skinny lollipop, with a big head. i was in the throes of a very serious eating disorder. An eating disorder that didn't end until I got married and my dear husband said to me, you are so beautiful, no matter what weight. Then I couldn't get pregnant. The doctor said, gain about 20 lbs. I was up to about 100 lbs by then already, and I couldn't FATHOM going over the 100 mark. But I wanted a baby!! So I ate. and ate. and ate. I gained exactly 20 lbs and boom! I was pregnant! Then I got to really eat whatever I wanted because I was pregnant! Then after I had Dylan, I got pregnant again! And I ate whatever I wanted AGAIN!!! Then after Marlee was born, i lost some weight, just from chasing two babies under the age of 2 around. Then I got pregnant again. With twins. I lost one of the babies, and for awhile we didnt think that the other baby was going to make it either. So I ate. and was depressed. Then 9 months later I had a beautiful baby girl. And I ate. Then I got sick. I was diagnosed with early onset parkinsons disease, fibromyalgia and depression. The medicines helped me to walk, but also helped me to gain even more weight!!! At the last count, I am pushing over 200 lbs!!!! YOWZA!!!! So.... I decided that I was going to get moving more, eat clean and better, and be a good example to my kids. But I have to tell you, I have lived my life in fear almost, that someone was going to "see" me in this condition, ya know. FAT.
When my friend sent me that text and I saw that sign I laughed. Hard. I then realized that I wasnt the only person in this entire world who was overweight. So I then decided that I was going to let people see me. I was going to stop living like a little hermit and get out and be ME!!!! Me is a fun person you see. I am loud and giggly and energetic and fun!!!! Of course, I havent been that person lately. I have been living my life worried about what others would think of me. So.. I am going to exercise, eat awesome, and be healthy. If I lose weight awesome! But Im not going to let it become who I am . Im going to be me. But hopefully a healthier me. I wanted to write this post, so that everyone knew, yup, im fat. But im also super fun!!! So to all the girls out there who are feeling down about your weight, dont. Remember you are not the only one and Heavenly Father loves you no matter what! Be healthy with me!!! Im going to start keeping a blog about what I eat, how i move my body each day and most importantly, how i FEEL!!!! If you wanna come along for the ride, let me know!!! :) With Love, Jaelle

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Marlee's honking tonsils...

Marlee is having her tonsils removed on wednesday... they are full of lymphoid tissue that has built up and since he cant promise that it wont turn into lymphoma and because of her difficulty in eating and sleeping, we are gonna yank those suckers out!!! Please continue to pray for her... sounds like we will be having a long road ahead of us for Marlee... this is just the beginning, but we have lots of people praying and she is soooo worth it!!!!! we love her so much and we are thankful that she has lots of doctors who are being cautious and taking good care of her!!!!! Love, JL

Emergency Fast for Marlee...

Asking for prayers.... EMERGENCY FAST... if you can get ahold of anyone in your ward... please pass this around... We are holding an emergency fast for Marlee.. she goes tonight to the ent and its quite scary... please either pray or pass around the news and fast until tonight... i will update everyone tonight as soon ...as i know more... it will be late though. Thanks sooo much!! Please pass this around!!!

My blog is www.momtothreebabies.blogspot.com and it has more info.....

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Update: They thought marlee had mono.... but her blood results have come back negative and there are some other things going on... the ent is seeing her in an emergency status... we have no idea what is going on.. with the possibility of her having neurofibromatosis, we are terrified because tumors are such a big part of NF. Please pass this around and pray for my baby. I love her so much.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will the tonsils come out???

Here is the big update for today.... Marlee is headed to her favorite Dr-- Dr Knorr, she LOVES him, and we will see if today is the day for those big ole honkin tonsils to come out!!!!! She has struggled for almost 6 months now, four rounds of antibiotics, shots and more, and they are still SOOO big and swollen she cant hardly eat ( we are talking applesauce, sherbert, and yogurt. yum.) and now when she tries to lay down to sleep, she gags all night and cant sleep. Oh yeah The joys of being a momma to a gaggy child. Poor baby. Another little update... the doctor is struggling to get her into a geneticist.. so she is working hard and calling all around and faxing letters right and left, working hard for my marlee girl! A big shoutout to Dr susan meidl and Dr David Knorr! We love you both!! The nurses have been awesome about calling us and updating, and so we wait. We know that it is all going to be in HEavenly Fathers time, and that He will take care of it. So for now, we get those big ole tonsils out and let the girl eat and sleep!!!!!! Im thinking lots of ice cream, a bubble bath, movies... oh yeah, and maybe i will share with marlee :) hehe

Monday, January 25, 2010

Guess What I Found!!

So, the way our house is set up, is our laundry room is right off the playroom. The Playroom is connected to the living room and the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone, etc....
We put our christmas tree in the playroom this year so Roxie the big hippo dog wouldnt attack it. We loved it in the playroom! It was so cute and magical and fit into the little corner by the laundry room just right!
Well, the door to the laundry room usually stays open. I like the way laundry detergent smells and if you leave the door open, the smell floats through the house.. ahhhh....
Anywho, if you leave the door to the laundry room open, it blocks the corner where the christmas tree is.... you can kind of see where Im going with this cant you???
I closed the laundry room door last night and guess what I found! Yup. The christmas tree!!!! Oooppps!!!! So it must go down today. Tears falling on my cheeks. It is January 25th I guess it is time. Oh, and if you are wondering, i confess... i absolutely plugged the tree in last night. i had to one more time!!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Joy of Childhood....

Conversation between Dylan and his nana...
Dylan--"nana, i have a secret."
Nana--"ok, spill it"
Dylan--" I hide under my blankets with a flashlight and read harry potter when Im supposed to be sleeping."
Nana--"Thats ok , your momma used to do the same thing."
Dylan--"its ok though, I still get the full recommended 8 hours of sleep."
Nana- (trying not to laugh) " very good dylan."

ps-- His aunt cait later confessed that at age 24, she had done the same thing ( hid under the blankets with a flashlight and read harry potter.)

Ahh, the joys of childhood. Thank you God for these memories.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Conversation Between Barbie and G.I. Joe

This is what I overheard today as my babies were playing....
Marlee ( In Barbies voice)--" Oh GI Joe, thank you so much for the gift of these beautiful high heels!"
Dylan ( In his own voice) -- "GI joes dont buy high heels Marlee!!!!!!!"
Marlee ( In Barbies Voice)-- "Oh bumblebee ( transformer) Thank you so much for the gift of these beautiful high heels"
Dylan ( In his own voice)-- MARLEE!!!! eyes roll at this point.

How fun it is to have both a boy and girls. I am constantly amazed at the difference
in each of my children, and never thought I would have a boy, lol, but I must say I quite like having both!!! They are both super fun!!! ;) especially with days like this!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update on Marlee Sarah Beth...

Marlee's appt was yesterday.. what a long day! We have felt everyones prayers so much, and we thank you so very very much. We still have a long road to go it seems... we got a few answers, meds to help keep her comfy, and today we received a phone call from the dr, who talked to Marlee's regular doctor this morning, and they both agreed 100% that Marlee needed to get into a geneticist immediately. So we will find out today, where we need to take her... and go from there. Your prayers are still very much needed and appreciated. We are so thankful for good doctors and the prayers of many. :) Will try to keep everyone updated here and on facebook.... if you arent my friend on facebook... im Jaelle Garner Kaylor :) With Love, Jaelle

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Marlee.. a prayer request

Hello to all my friends. I have a very special request. My 7 year old daughter Marlee goes to the specialist tomorrow. Its a very important appointment.. we find out if she has cancer or not. We have been waiting for this appt for 4 long weeks now, hoping the medicine will do what its supposed to do. If you could all just take a moment and say a prayer for her, I would just appreciate it so much. She is amazing, gorgeous, smart and the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. We are asking for prayers, because we know they work!!! Thanks again, and if anyone needs prayers, please contact me, I will be happy to add you to my list of people I pray for each night. It really does help.
With Love,
Jaelle Kaylor