Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 9 of birthday month... a confession

Today is Day 9 of my big birthday month celebration.. my gift to you... my confession. This is a really hard post to write!!!
I have worn myself thin with trying so hard to keep up with this blog, my homeschool blog, the penpal program etc.. oh yeah and being a MOMMA!!!! So I am taking the day off from the gift giveaway... come back tomorrow.. I will be giving away 2 gifts to make up for it :) I promise!!
I am going to sit in the sunshine today. I am going to read a book!!! I am going to snuggle my kids and kiss them so much they may not have skin left!! I am going to take a bubble bath and relax. Hopefully, with this little break from the computer etc.. I can have the strength to continue doing the things that I feel are so important.. which is love my friends, write, advocate for LDS homeschooling and help people connect. I love those things. I will continue to do those things.. but this momma is burnt out and needs a break!! :)
Like I said though.. come back tomorrow ( saturday) and I will be giving away 2 Amazing presents.. because I love my friends :)
With Love, JL


Racheal said...

Of course you should take some time for yourself! It's the best gift of all! Hope you pick a great book! :)

Homeschooling the Penguins ... said...

Don't feel guilty about taking a moment for yourself. I am taking to do that same thing. I know it's hard, but an empty vessel has nothing to give... (I don't know where I heard that!)

Veronica Lee said...

Hi ! Stopping by from MBC. Love your blog.

Sara said...

take a break and enjoy yourself and kids! We all need to do that!