Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Marlee's honking tonsils...

Marlee is having her tonsils removed on wednesday... they are full of lymphoid tissue that has built up and since he cant promise that it wont turn into lymphoma and because of her difficulty in eating and sleeping, we are gonna yank those suckers out!!! Please continue to pray for her... sounds like we will be having a long road ahead of us for Marlee... this is just the beginning, but we have lots of people praying and she is soooo worth it!!!!! we love her so much and we are thankful that she has lots of doctors who are being cautious and taking good care of her!!!!! Love, JL

Emergency Fast for Marlee...

Asking for prayers.... EMERGENCY FAST... if you can get ahold of anyone in your ward... please pass this around... We are holding an emergency fast for Marlee.. she goes tonight to the ent and its quite scary... please either pray or pass around the news and fast until tonight... i will update everyone tonight as soon i know more... it will be late though. Thanks sooo much!! Please pass this around!!!

My blog is and it has more info.....

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Update: They thought marlee had mono.... but her blood results have come back negative and there are some other things going on... the ent is seeing her in an emergency status... we have no idea what is going on.. with the possibility of her having neurofibromatosis, we are terrified because tumors are such a big part of NF. Please pass this around and pray for my baby. I love her so much.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will the tonsils come out???

Here is the big update for today.... Marlee is headed to her favorite Dr-- Dr Knorr, she LOVES him, and we will see if today is the day for those big ole honkin tonsils to come out!!!!! She has struggled for almost 6 months now, four rounds of antibiotics, shots and more, and they are still SOOO big and swollen she cant hardly eat ( we are talking applesauce, sherbert, and yogurt. yum.) and now when she tries to lay down to sleep, she gags all night and cant sleep. Oh yeah The joys of being a momma to a gaggy child. Poor baby. Another little update... the doctor is struggling to get her into a geneticist.. so she is working hard and calling all around and faxing letters right and left, working hard for my marlee girl! A big shoutout to Dr susan meidl and Dr David Knorr! We love you both!! The nurses have been awesome about calling us and updating, and so we wait. We know that it is all going to be in HEavenly Fathers time, and that He will take care of it. So for now, we get those big ole tonsils out and let the girl eat and sleep!!!!!! Im thinking lots of ice cream, a bubble bath, movies... oh yeah, and maybe i will share with marlee :) hehe

Monday, January 25, 2010

Guess What I Found!!

So, the way our house is set up, is our laundry room is right off the playroom. The Playroom is connected to the living room and the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone, etc....
We put our christmas tree in the playroom this year so Roxie the big hippo dog wouldnt attack it. We loved it in the playroom! It was so cute and magical and fit into the little corner by the laundry room just right!
Well, the door to the laundry room usually stays open. I like the way laundry detergent smells and if you leave the door open, the smell floats through the house.. ahhhh....
Anywho, if you leave the door to the laundry room open, it blocks the corner where the christmas tree is.... you can kind of see where Im going with this cant you???
I closed the laundry room door last night and guess what I found! Yup. The christmas tree!!!! Oooppps!!!! So it must go down today. Tears falling on my cheeks. It is January 25th I guess it is time. Oh, and if you are wondering, i confess... i absolutely plugged the tree in last night. i had to one more time!!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Joy of Childhood....

Conversation between Dylan and his nana...
Dylan--"nana, i have a secret."
Nana--"ok, spill it"
Dylan--" I hide under my blankets with a flashlight and read harry potter when Im supposed to be sleeping."
Nana--"Thats ok , your momma used to do the same thing."
Dylan--"its ok though, I still get the full recommended 8 hours of sleep."
Nana- (trying not to laugh) " very good dylan."

ps-- His aunt cait later confessed that at age 24, she had done the same thing ( hid under the blankets with a flashlight and read harry potter.)

Ahh, the joys of childhood. Thank you God for these memories.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Conversation Between Barbie and G.I. Joe

This is what I overheard today as my babies were playing....
Marlee ( In Barbies voice)--" Oh GI Joe, thank you so much for the gift of these beautiful high heels!"
Dylan ( In his own voice) -- "GI joes dont buy high heels Marlee!!!!!!!"
Marlee ( In Barbies Voice)-- "Oh bumblebee ( transformer) Thank you so much for the gift of these beautiful high heels"
Dylan ( In his own voice)-- MARLEE!!!! eyes roll at this point.

How fun it is to have both a boy and girls. I am constantly amazed at the difference
in each of my children, and never thought I would have a boy, lol, but I must say I quite like having both!!! They are both super fun!!! ;) especially with days like this!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update on Marlee Sarah Beth...

Marlee's appt was yesterday.. what a long day! We have felt everyones prayers so much, and we thank you so very very much. We still have a long road to go it seems... we got a few answers, meds to help keep her comfy, and today we received a phone call from the dr, who talked to Marlee's regular doctor this morning, and they both agreed 100% that Marlee needed to get into a geneticist immediately. So we will find out today, where we need to take her... and go from there. Your prayers are still very much needed and appreciated. We are so thankful for good doctors and the prayers of many. :) Will try to keep everyone updated here and on facebook.... if you arent my friend on facebook... im Jaelle Garner Kaylor :) With Love, Jaelle

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Marlee.. a prayer request

Hello to all my friends. I have a very special request. My 7 year old daughter Marlee goes to the specialist tomorrow. Its a very important appointment.. we find out if she has cancer or not. We have been waiting for this appt for 4 long weeks now, hoping the medicine will do what its supposed to do. If you could all just take a moment and say a prayer for her, I would just appreciate it so much. She is amazing, gorgeous, smart and the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. We are asking for prayers, because we know they work!!! Thanks again, and if anyone needs prayers, please contact me, I will be happy to add you to my list of people I pray for each night. It really does help.
With Love,
Jaelle Kaylor

Monday, January 18, 2010

On a Personal Note... Giving Thanks

On a personal note... Giving Thanks

In the January 2010 issue of the Friend, the Come Listen to a Prophets Voice
article by President Monson speaks of Giving Thanks in Every Thing..
It struck me hard. Like flat out ... BOOM!!!!
You see, my kids have become pretty spoiled. It is my fault I know, because
they face difficult challenges in their lives, I try to make up for it by
giving them all the things they need and most of the things they want, not
neccessarily in material things, but in giving them the time and attention
they want. This is a good thing... but it seems lately that all of my
hard work at teaching them to be ever thankful, and giving service has
gone kapoot. Every year, we take the month of December off of school, to
focus on the gospel, the Savior, and giving service. I have tried often
to teach my kids to be thankful for every little thing they have... but
lately Im getting alot of backtalk, especially from my oldest. I am hearing
things like, "well, you dont take US out for ice cream all the time.." nope
I dont, but I do take you out for ice cream quite a bit. " I only got to read
in my bed last night for half an hour!!! that's not fair!" yup, you only
got to read for half an hour, some kids dont get to do that at all!!! Come on!!!
These are petty little complaints, and it seems like he is finding a reason
to complain for every teeny thing he can think of, and they are the silliest
things, because the boy doesnt really have any big things to complain about.
I have done my best to shield him from severe things. So.. as Im reading this
article to the kids, and we talk about being happy all our lives, and being
ever thankful.... we read the page on things that President Monson likes to do.
I thought to myself, what a fun way for us to get to know President Monson!
Oh no.... the first thing that Dylan says is " we have only gotten to roast
marshmallows in a fire one time!!!!" yes, that would be because you are allergic
to smoke from a fire dylan. But I did let you do it once! The next thing out of
his mouth " we don't get to go fishing in the Provo River" that would be because
we live in Missouri son. You have been fishing multiple times over the past couple
of years, and you have enjoyed it each time. Then came the ice cream remark.
Heavens to Betsy!!! How did a sweet little article about our precious prophet
turn into this?? Every day there are little petty complaints.
What do I do??? Here is my plan. I have done this before.... I got a book about
how people across the world live, basically it shows pictures of people living
in poverty. I talk about the pioneers... how they lived. Tomorrow, so help me,
we will be taking a day to live like them. No Tv. No toys, except for the Bible,
and a couple of coloring books or something. We will eat oatmeal for breakfast,
oatmeal for lunch, and a small dinner, something like biscuits and gravy.
They won't starve for one day. Then we will sit and write down EVERYTHING
we are thankful for. Im still deciding on whether or not to let them sleep
with all of their lovies and comfy pillows and blankets. I don't want to go
to far with it, but it has to be stuck in their brains. Then, I need your help
here.... how do I get the complaining to stop???? This is something that I really
need to pray about. I can't stand the little complaints when they are so blessed.
We are all so blessed. I try so very hard to let my Father in Heaven know of
all the things I am blessed with. How very thankful I am for all of those things.
Parenting is hard. Sometimes it sucks. Is it worth it? To do my very best to
teach my kids all of the millions of things we are supposed to? I sure hope so.
So I am going to conclude my post of complaining about my kids complaining. hmmm...
maybe i need to work on this more myself!!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

an award!!!! woo hoo!!!

I was nominated for an award! Wow!!! so cool!! my first ever!! ;) unless you count the first rating in a piano competition when i was like, um....12?? lol!
A big ole THANK YOU to Dana, who is so awesome, over at Noggins and Nonsense~ go check her out!

The rules of the accepting this award are:

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Nominate at least 10 blogs with great attitude, or gratitude.
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how to choose just 10???? wow....

Here we go:

here are the ones i read daily!!! ;) that makes them the best! lol!
have an awesome day everyone!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Evening Time

With a busy school day and a busy play day, I have been wanting to find ways to make our evening times a bit quieter, calm, etc. I dont want to just sit around and watch tv. So I found a really neat website, and they have this scripture stories webcast... so tonight after a quiet dinner at the table, the kids gathered on my bed to listen to the first episode. They snuggled on the bed, with just my bedside lamp on and we listened. it was so cute! and it really made the spirit in the home nice and cozy. We are getting a winter storm, so it was nice to be cozy and warm listening to this darling webcast. I am thinking, I have found a solution to the quiet calm evenings. Then the kids can go right into their beds for their personal reading time.... we read scriptures throughout the day, plus adding the scripture stories, then they read a book of their choice in bed for half an hour, then prayers then bed. its nice. i think im happy. ;)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Halfway Done!!

I cannot even believe that we are halfway done with school for the year!!! It's exciting! My babies are growing up so quickly :( makes me sad!
Yesterday was our first day back from our month long break. We always take december off school to concentrate on service and the gospel. So yesterday we had a great day of school.. the kids got alot of work done and we had a good time doing it. Today is a bit slower... due to me not feeling 100% but it is still great. We are doing alot of reading today and regular work. I also completed my book on lds homeschooling! I had so many awesome mommas contribute! The link to the book is on the sidebar... it is called ' Parents teach your children! a book on lds homeschooling'
Im excited about it! You can download it for just a few bucks!
Im getting some things done finally with the new year starting... the book, starting school again, and getting the penpal packages sent out in two weeks. It has taken me along time to get everything together for that. So many more good things to come this year I hope. We desperately need a good year. So much death, so much illness and financial hardships for our little family. But we are strong and hopefully we will enjoy a good year.
Happy New Years everyone!
;) Love, JL