Monday, January 18, 2010

On a Personal Note... Giving Thanks

On a personal note... Giving Thanks

In the January 2010 issue of the Friend, the Come Listen to a Prophets Voice
article by President Monson speaks of Giving Thanks in Every Thing..
It struck me hard. Like flat out ... BOOM!!!!
You see, my kids have become pretty spoiled. It is my fault I know, because
they face difficult challenges in their lives, I try to make up for it by
giving them all the things they need and most of the things they want, not
neccessarily in material things, but in giving them the time and attention
they want. This is a good thing... but it seems lately that all of my
hard work at teaching them to be ever thankful, and giving service has
gone kapoot. Every year, we take the month of December off of school, to
focus on the gospel, the Savior, and giving service. I have tried often
to teach my kids to be thankful for every little thing they have... but
lately Im getting alot of backtalk, especially from my oldest. I am hearing
things like, "well, you dont take US out for ice cream all the time.." nope
I dont, but I do take you out for ice cream quite a bit. " I only got to read
in my bed last night for half an hour!!! that's not fair!" yup, you only
got to read for half an hour, some kids dont get to do that at all!!! Come on!!!
These are petty little complaints, and it seems like he is finding a reason
to complain for every teeny thing he can think of, and they are the silliest
things, because the boy doesnt really have any big things to complain about.
I have done my best to shield him from severe things. So.. as Im reading this
article to the kids, and we talk about being happy all our lives, and being
ever thankful.... we read the page on things that President Monson likes to do.
I thought to myself, what a fun way for us to get to know President Monson!
Oh no.... the first thing that Dylan says is " we have only gotten to roast
marshmallows in a fire one time!!!!" yes, that would be because you are allergic
to smoke from a fire dylan. But I did let you do it once! The next thing out of
his mouth " we don't get to go fishing in the Provo River" that would be because
we live in Missouri son. You have been fishing multiple times over the past couple
of years, and you have enjoyed it each time. Then came the ice cream remark.
Heavens to Betsy!!! How did a sweet little article about our precious prophet
turn into this?? Every day there are little petty complaints.
What do I do??? Here is my plan. I have done this before.... I got a book about
how people across the world live, basically it shows pictures of people living
in poverty. I talk about the pioneers... how they lived. Tomorrow, so help me,
we will be taking a day to live like them. No Tv. No toys, except for the Bible,
and a couple of coloring books or something. We will eat oatmeal for breakfast,
oatmeal for lunch, and a small dinner, something like biscuits and gravy.
They won't starve for one day. Then we will sit and write down EVERYTHING
we are thankful for. Im still deciding on whether or not to let them sleep
with all of their lovies and comfy pillows and blankets. I don't want to go
to far with it, but it has to be stuck in their brains. Then, I need your help
here.... how do I get the complaining to stop???? This is something that I really
need to pray about. I can't stand the little complaints when they are so blessed.
We are all so blessed. I try so very hard to let my Father in Heaven know of
all the things I am blessed with. How very thankful I am for all of those things.
Parenting is hard. Sometimes it sucks. Is it worth it? To do my very best to
teach my kids all of the millions of things we are supposed to? I sure hope so.
So I am going to conclude my post of complaining about my kids complaining. hmmm...
maybe i need to work on this more myself!!!!!


That redheaded one said...

It sounds like Dylan needs a less fortunate pen pal or to "adopt a kid" his age. One way you can nip it in the butt early is to do one of those adopt a kid in another country. First show the kids what costs the same as what they LIVE off of a month. Then when you send the money see if the Place you are sending it to would let them have letters having the kids write a letter. Reminding them that this kid likely doesn't have all the things they do any time they mention their comforts. Take away an Ice Cream a week or some little "spoil thing" so they can give to this. Also make them look up about this kid's life and write about how their lives are different from his an how each of the comforts more that they have is a blessing.

Miranda said...

I completely understand your plight. We're having the same problems here, but compounded by attitude and sassing. I'm about to lose my mind. I think your idea is a really good one and I like the idea in the comment above. I'll have to keep this in mind for our next family home evening and then follow through with some kind of project or maybe live like the pioneers for a day to hopefully drive it home. Parenting is extremely hard and really does suck sometimes. I'm glad you said it first! That's exactly how I feel some days. Thanks for sharing this. It's good to know I'm not alone. Now, to prepare for the teenage years. I'm so not equipped to handle that. ;o)

Momtothreebabies said...

You BOTH have good ideas!! ;)
Im soooo not ready!!!! lol!!!