Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will the tonsils come out???

Here is the big update for today.... Marlee is headed to her favorite Dr-- Dr Knorr, she LOVES him, and we will see if today is the day for those big ole honkin tonsils to come out!!!!! She has struggled for almost 6 months now, four rounds of antibiotics, shots and more, and they are still SOOO big and swollen she cant hardly eat ( we are talking applesauce, sherbert, and yogurt. yum.) and now when she tries to lay down to sleep, she gags all night and cant sleep. Oh yeah The joys of being a momma to a gaggy child. Poor baby. Another little update... the doctor is struggling to get her into a geneticist.. so she is working hard and calling all around and faxing letters right and left, working hard for my marlee girl! A big shoutout to Dr susan meidl and Dr David Knorr! We love you both!! The nurses have been awesome about calling us and updating, and so we wait. We know that it is all going to be in HEavenly Fathers time, and that He will take care of it. So for now, we get those big ole tonsils out and let the girl eat and sleep!!!!!! Im thinking lots of ice cream, a bubble bath, movies... oh yeah, and maybe i will share with marlee :) hehe

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Miranda said...

Wow! I didn't realize she'd be having trouble with them for so long. I hope she gets some relief soon. Poor gal!