Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Halfway Done!!

I cannot even believe that we are halfway done with school for the year!!! It's exciting! My babies are growing up so quickly :( makes me sad!
Yesterday was our first day back from our month long break. We always take december off school to concentrate on service and the gospel. So yesterday we had a great day of school.. the kids got alot of work done and we had a good time doing it. Today is a bit slower... due to me not feeling 100% but it is still great. We are doing alot of reading today and regular work. I also completed my book on lds homeschooling! I had so many awesome mommas contribute! The link to the book is on the sidebar... it is called ' Parents teach your children! a book on lds homeschooling'
Im excited about it! You can download it for just a few bucks!
Im getting some things done finally with the new year starting... the book, starting school again, and getting the penpal packages sent out in two weeks. It has taken me along time to get everything together for that. So many more good things to come this year I hope. We desperately need a good year. So much death, so much illness and financial hardships for our little family. But we are strong and hopefully we will enjoy a good year.
Happy New Years everyone!
;) Love, JL

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