Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Fun in the Pool

Here's a pic of the babies lounging around in the pool !! :)

Sydney's 7th Birthday

I can't believe I just typed that my baby is 7. Why do they grow up so fast????? She is my miracle baby, the one the doctors thought wasnt even there, and I was scheduled for d&c and begged for one more ultrasound. There was my healthy baby girl! She is notorious for being onery and hilarious and a joy. She loves puppies and fashion. She's a blast. I love her. Here are some pics from her birthday.

Grandma Odie's Magical Garden

I lost most of the pics of this, because of my new phone, lol. But my grandma odie's yard and gardens are magic. She has a massive yard with rose gardens, special paths you walk thru, etc. I played it in it as a kid, my dad played in it as a kid, and now my babies are just as fascinated with it. I love having a blog for posterity, so I want to make sure that the kids remember, all of the memories of having lunch in the garden, walking all around the yard, timing themselves to see who can run around the house in the least amount of seconds, and getting to smell each and every flower!