Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Off to St Louis we go.....

and not for the Cards game!!! No fair! We will probably catch it on tv with all of our fave drs and nurses at St Louis Childrens Hospital. Marlee is headed back because her kidneys arent working again. As I sit here and type this , I think to myself, man, october is not a good month for Marlee. This is when we found out last year that she has a rare genetic kidney disease. It's been a crazy road this past year and now that we are headed back down there and seemingly getting ready to go thru the hell of surgery and long hospital visits again, I just want to make sure that anyone who reads this blog knows how much I adore my beautiful children, and how hard it is for me to be away from Dylan and Syd and how hard it is to watch Marlee girl go thru such awful things. But if we have to do this, we will, because one month of awfulness, equals 11 months of ok-ness. So for that I am thankful. We have the BEST doctors and Childrens is the BEST hospital. Im thankful to live near it. So, Im not making any sense, but if you could keep us in your prayers and especially Marlee Sarah Beth, I'd really appreciate it.... oh, and please keep this family   http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/marleymoore   in your prayers too. They just lost their beautiful Marley, and she was an amazing inspiration and her family is strong and faithful. okie dokie.... enough rambling from me, guess im just nervous.
love, jl

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ponies, fireman and potty tests oh my!

What a busy week! Marlee had her 24 hour urine test ( gross i know!) but it's super important because it will tell us whether or not her kidney medicine is working. Unfortunately her kidney disease is so very rare, there is only one medicine that MIGHT help... so we will find out this week if its doing anything. Prayers please! She goes for a renal ultrasound on november 18th, praying no big kidney stones... dont want to spend christmas in the hospital this year. boo. So we are praying hard!

We went to a neat firemans safety course last saturday... pictures of course, they had so much fun and we all learned some wonderful fire safety tips to keep us safe in our home! They got to run obstacle courses ( syd ran in heels, go girl!) and make a 911 call, good job dylan, and they got to shoot the fire hose and knock over cones. We had lunch there ( proceeds benefitted the local fire depts safety classes) and then we headed to the next place!

The pumpkin fest at a local grocery store! Pony rides! Balloon animals! Bowling with pumpkins! lol... it was fun and cute~!

This weekend we went to Barry for a nice visit with my grandma odie and then we went on the Pike County Fall Color Drive and ended up in El Dara Illinois for chicken and noodles from my aunt sandy's booth! YUM!!!! Today we did school and laundry and played. I made a nice cozy dinner of lasagna and garlic bread. It's been rainy and cold out so it felt good to have a warm dinner. Last week I made chili and another night I made meatloaf, favorite fall meals, only problem, it was 78 degrees out! Im ready for you fall!! :)