Sunday, April 26, 2009

My computer Died!!!

My laptop bit the dust. So..... I am still checking my email and updating the site every couple of days, but im a little lost without my laptop!
If you need to get ahold of me you can IM me through yahoo at jaelleerica
or text me at 5737959735
Have an awesome day!
Love, Jaelle

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More pictures from Earth Day

My peas!!! YUMMY!
Onions! Candy variety! Yum

Little toes in the grass. Syd refuses to wear shoes.

Strawberry Plant! Cant wait!
Marlee's favorite thing to do is pick it right off the bush and eat them!

Peach Blossom on my tree.

Happy Earth Day!

Dylan digging his big hole. He loves doing this!
The yellow under her nose is from sniffing to many dandelions!!!!

The longest worm we have ever seen! It was so cool to hold!

Little Apple Blossoms on my tree

Cherry blossom on my tree.

We spent the morning outside! It was BEAUTIFUL out!!!! We had so much fun enjoying our beautiful earth. We fed the birds, watched the bunnies, made wishes on dandelions, and saw the biggest worm ever, lol.

Here are some pics.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dylan the Rooster

My son is a rooster. Here is why- every morning at 5 am his eyeballs pop open and he is ready for the day!!! He rushes into our room and says, Can I get up now???? Wonder what he would do if we said no......

Then he is either a) snuggling up to watch a cartoon, b) snuggling up to play gameboy, or c) snuggling up to read a book. After the alarm goes off for Keith at 5:30 he is glued to his side.

Dad, what are you going to have for breakfast. Dad, does it hurt when you shave? Dad, lets open the window for some air. Dad, do you think that a red ant bites worse than a black ant bite? Dad, did you know that there are real tasmanian devils in the world? Dad, can I have some deodorant. Dad, can I shave when i get chin hair? Dad, you missed a spot.

Basically by 6 am, we are ALL awake because Dylan is so umm... cheerful??? LOUD??? lol.

My son the rooster. I wouldnt have him any other way.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Its Friday

We have had a crazy couple of weeks, and Im just thankful it is friday. I have been hard at work on our website and am pleased to announce the new store opening ! Check it out! More products will be added daily!
Today it is supposed to be beautiful outside, and we are excited to be able to play outside. I will also be making the kids nature journals, for the Charlotte mason method, which I get more excited about as I read and learn about it.
That is all for now. Nothing to exciting today!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

The great Easter Egg Hunt in grandma's backyard!
Playing with bubbles! Arent they joyful! love this pic!

Dylan being sneaky at the Easter egg hunt!

My beautiful babies, Sydney , Marlee, and Dylan

The "official" easter picture of 2009!!!

We had a wonderful Easter! We had worked hard on doing activities and learning about Christ, see our school blog to get an idea of what we did. It was spiritual and wonderful and on Easter Sunday we celebrated with family and had so much fun. Here are some pics.

Sydney the Candy Monster

Ok, some background, Sydney is a candy monster. Has been ever since she grew some teeth! She hides the candy, she sneaks the candy, she STEALS the candy, LOL. The girl can eat so much candy and sweets and she never gets a tummy ache. When she was two, she took my birthday cake and hid it under her crib!!!! We went in to eat birthday cake, it was gone!!!! She finally showed us where it was, and it was soooo hard not to laugh!!!!

So.... easter is one of those holidays that Syd loves. Halloween is another, lol. She got lots of candy yesterday and while we thought she was quietly sleeping like a good girl, she had ulterior motives!! Check out the picture! This is what i found in her room this morning!

Candy monster!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hanny the Handkerchief Doll!

For school today we had a beautiful lesson on easter, we have been doing this all week, and today we spoke about the last supper and the atonement and judas betraying christ. We used pictures from the GAK and it really was a beautiful , spiritual lesson. I have been so impressed with my children this year on how much they have grasped and how touching the lessons have been. My kids rock! lol.

Then we did our handiwork, which has to do with Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method. We worked on a cute handkerchief doll kit that we purchased at the Lincoln Fair in quincy. Each of the kids got to sew and they were so proud of it, and it turned out adorable! She now holds a prominent spot in our home, she's special because she represents a fun afternoon at the fair, a fun lesson on abraham lincoln and that time period, and the hard work of the kids working together and making her! It has been a good day so far and we are blessed!