Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

The great Easter Egg Hunt in grandma's backyard!
Playing with bubbles! Arent they joyful! love this pic!

Dylan being sneaky at the Easter egg hunt!

My beautiful babies, Sydney , Marlee, and Dylan

The "official" easter picture of 2009!!!

We had a wonderful Easter! We had worked hard on doing activities and learning about Christ, see our school blog to get an idea of what we did. It was spiritual and wonderful and on Easter Sunday we celebrated with family and had so much fun. Here are some pics.


Jamie said...

Beautiful pictures Jaelle! I love the bows and the dresses! And Dylan is super cute.

The Rich Family said...

Oh my goodness! Could your children be any more adorable!!!?? These Easter pictures are so cute and the girls dresses are really pretty! I wish we could have joined you!