Monday, April 20, 2009

Dylan the Rooster

My son is a rooster. Here is why- every morning at 5 am his eyeballs pop open and he is ready for the day!!! He rushes into our room and says, Can I get up now???? Wonder what he would do if we said no......

Then he is either a) snuggling up to watch a cartoon, b) snuggling up to play gameboy, or c) snuggling up to read a book. After the alarm goes off for Keith at 5:30 he is glued to his side.

Dad, what are you going to have for breakfast. Dad, does it hurt when you shave? Dad, lets open the window for some air. Dad, do you think that a red ant bites worse than a black ant bite? Dad, did you know that there are real tasmanian devils in the world? Dad, can I have some deodorant. Dad, can I shave when i get chin hair? Dad, you missed a spot.

Basically by 6 am, we are ALL awake because Dylan is so umm... cheerful??? LOUD??? lol.

My son the rooster. I wouldnt have him any other way.


Bethany said...

I completely understand. Mine are roosters, too, though they usually wait until 6 to get up, and then try to be quiet. Of course, it doesn't always work, like when they're fighting. Ugh. Get some sleep!

Miranda said...

I have a couple of those around my house too. Glad to know I'm not alone! ;o)