Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hanny the Handkerchief Doll!

For school today we had a beautiful lesson on easter, we have been doing this all week, and today we spoke about the last supper and the atonement and judas betraying christ. We used pictures from the GAK and it really was a beautiful , spiritual lesson. I have been so impressed with my children this year on how much they have grasped and how touching the lessons have been. My kids rock! lol.

Then we did our handiwork, which has to do with Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method. We worked on a cute handkerchief doll kit that we purchased at the Lincoln Fair in quincy. Each of the kids got to sew and they were so proud of it, and it turned out adorable! She now holds a prominent spot in our home, she's special because she represents a fun afternoon at the fair, a fun lesson on abraham lincoln and that time period, and the hard work of the kids working together and making her! It has been a good day so far and we are blessed!

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