Monday, March 12, 2018

September 6th thru september 16th 2014

September 6th -
Prepping for A yard sale and playing :
 I sat on top of the shelf thing
And dad rode my bike. that was fun to watch.

September 11th -
We went to Uncle Jason's House
 Sydney and Becca I believe. can't remember their dog's name!

 Jase looks done!

September 13th - 
 Me and Dylan had our first temple trip

And Sydney had and Activity days activity.

September 16th - Nauvoo with Nana

 We spent an entire day seeing the sites in Historic Nauvoo with Nana

 It was super fun.

Fun times! - Marlee <3

Java Jive with Shannon and Celebrating Uncle Bob. August 27th and 28th 2014

August 27th -
Java Jive with the Sis

August 28th -
 Uncle Bob came home from his Veteran's retreat and we celebrated him!

 More family. Aunt sandy to the left looks ready!
 we were. very ready to see him.

MURICA!!!!! thank you for everything Uncle Bob! we are proud of what you and Grandpa Jim have done! - Marlee <3

Dylan's Mustaches and My ACTUAL Birthday celebration! August 13th thru 16th 2014

August 13th - Dylan Came to my Mom Like this! :

He's single ladies! Just kidding. well about the ladies! thing but he isn't currently dating. LOL.

August 16th - After dad was better from that Hamstring thing we celebrated my Birthday by going to bonkers and going to the back to school activity at the mall. a scavenger hunt and we met Allie De Berry from A.N.T. farm! here is what went down :

 Sydney and Andrew at Going Bonkers eating Pizza
 Dylan and Sydney
 Andrew and Sydney Riding MEGAN!
 Andrew and Sydney still on MEGAN!

 Then this little kid sat on Sydney's lap and she started laughing uncontrollably
 Won Grocery Joshua that day! and MEGAN!
 Scavengetr hunt stuff! : Us with the giant phone
 Holding something
 Random pic
 at Claire's with the backpacks
 Holding cards
 By a turtle
 at the book store
 by a shirt
 another shirt
 in the arcade
 looking like hipsters
 Meeting Allie
 Sydney freaked out. she made a poster and made her a bracelet

 Me with her
 Being socially awkward as normal and still wearing that ridiculous outfit from Bonkers

 Dylan and Andrew with the older woman. LOL.
 Us being #squadgoalsminusoneweleftalexbehindsadly
 Shoe store
 With an employee, he was awesome
 Mom with her backup Bae. JK of course. LOL. she's too good for him.
 Chillin' with elsa and anna [ get it, 'Cause frozen?!? I kill myself, ROFL ]
 everyone with them
Being amazing and look at the excited expressions!

that's all. it was awesome and crazy. but amazing! better than shopko by far. - Marlee <3