Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30th Weekly Giveaway~BOOGIE WIPES~

Im doing a giveaway each week until Christmas! Im so excited!
This weeks giveaway is kind of special, Im doing a review on this product, then I get to give it away!!!! These are hilarious too!!!

Tell me the name doesnt crack you up! We as mommas know that one of the worst things in the world is to be out and about and have your kiddo say " mommy, I need a tissue, " ( or worse, my kids will scream something along the line of-- momma i have a boogie!!!!!) Here is the solution-- BOOGIE WIPES!!! Honestly I love the moms who invented these! They are soft, fun, have a wonderful light smell and best of all, they get the job done!! The company has packs of wipes to keep around the house, then really neat convenient little packs to keep in your purse or diaper bag. Dont forget to stash some in your car! They offer three great scents, grape, fresh, and my current fave- magic menthol. We have been battling colds and pnuemonia for a month now, and the magic menthol wipes are amazing!! So heres the deal, dont take my word for it, try them yourself!! Head to and check out all the great deals and scientific research and all that good stuff! Basically, Im not quite sure how we lived with normal tissue and oh yeah, we did it, toilet paper!!! These wipes are soo cool and so soft to your little nose!!
The company has sent me some goodies to giveaway to you guys!! I have a regular sized pack of the fresh scent, a bunch of little travel size packs of the grape and then two really good coupons to give away!!!! Here are the rules, and yes there must be rules ;)

* Go check out and let me know what you think!!!
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*follow boogiewipes on twitter ( there is a link on their site at the bottom !)
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*Go to and leave me a comment here telling me what you would like to have from the store!
okie dokie-- each of these is one comment, leave the comment here and let me know what you did. you can do one, you can do them all ( the more you do the more chances you have to win, ;)
Remember, this is the season for boogie wipes!!! ;) my new favorite thing!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

25 Days Of Service

My family is doing a special project this Christmas season. I always try to work hard to insure that my children know what Christmas is REALLY about. We try to do alot of Christ centered activities and such, but this year Im wanting to take it one step further. We are going to do 25 days of service. Something to remind us of one of the most important lessons that Christ taught us, to serve our fellow man. I've found some neat ideas online, some neat ideas from friends and some ideas that just popped into my head!! First of all, there is a neat Advent Christmas Chain from one of my favorite websites in the world. It actually has an activity for every day already, so we are going to do those, but also a few other "bigger" projects. They sure made it easy for me with this calendar!! Here is the link!!
If that link doesnt work, go to and type in advent christmas calendar. Take a peek around while you're there, it is such an amazing site!
Here are my other ideas, and feel free to comment and add your own!!!!!

* make cookies or another treat for elderly church members ( might make a few sugar free treats too!)
*Make fhe kits ( possibly a christmas story theme) to give out to the church families with young children, this sounds like a fun idea!
*Clean up and shovel snow for an elderly neighbor as a surprise-- this is a time honored service project, i remember raking leaves for neighbors to surprise them!
*Take a plate of treats to the branch presidency / bishopric while they are at church one evening doing tithing settlement.
*Make dinner for the missionaries, include a christmas treat
*Make gifts for the kids primary teachers and primary presidency ( there are some fun ideas on and any search of the internet will turn up some cute little handmade gift ideas that dont cost alot ;)
*Clean house for a needy family member, church member, or neighbor
*Host a mommy/daddy date night for church members. Have children over one evening so the parents can go christmas shopping and help the kids to make a little handmade gift for the parents-- dont forget to let the kids wrap it up to put under their tree!
*Service project from this is sooo cool! They are having everyone make handmade cards and fleece blankets and then donate them to your local Ronald Mcdonald house. I am actually going to invite a bunch of friends from church over to my house and do this. Im super excited ;)

Any other ideas??????

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday Sale and GIVEAWAY!!!!

THE WINNER IS::::::::: Miss Miranda!!!!!
See comments for time stamp and random number generator-- that way ya know it was legal and such ;)
Thanks everyone!!! Look for a new giveaway this week, its a super fun one! Boogie Wipes HEHEHE!~
Love, JL

So... my first black friday as a store owner!! Im so excited! Check out the deals at and every order gets a free gift!!!!!
Also, We have a giveaway!!!!!
Our special black friday giveaway is for a Gift Basket from Lehi Roller Mills!
If you have never tried the delicious goodies at Lehi Roller Mills, you are in for a treat!!!! This particular basket holds muffin goodies, but Im also throwing in a brownie mix and possibly something else..... ;)
The retail price for this is over 50 dollars!!!!!!
Here are the rules : ( you always have to have rules for a good giveaway!)
Every thing you do is one entry-- make sure you comment back and let me know what you did!!!!!
* Comment here and tell me why you wanna win this!!!!
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Okie dokie, those are the rules, have fun and pass it around!!! Dont forget to visit and check out the items!!!!
With Love, JL

Monday, November 23, 2009


So, I am not very good at twitter. But, Im going to try and get better, so if ya wanna be my friend and tweet at me, go to and look for jaellekaylor
;) will be fun i promise ;)

Penpals, Thanksgiving, and Boogie Wipes!!

What a title for this post huh! So... thanksgiving is in just a few days! Im really excited! I love to cook and I love that my sweet beautiful little family is going to be home and cozy, being thankful for all we have. We are truly so blessed.
Today we arent doing alot of school, we are mostly concentrating on playing outside a bit ( weather is soo nice!!) and writing our penpals!! Oh, and attempting to clean the kitchen hehe ;)
Today I received a box of goodies from the mommas who make Boogie Wipes!! Im so excited, we are going to be trying them out, and then I have a great bunch of goodies to give away!!!! We are trying out the menthol kind, with me having pnuemonia and my little babies having colds, and dylan having no immune system, im excited to try these! So we will give them a try, then after thanksgiving we are going to have us a big ole giveaway!!!!!! I have quite a few things to giveaway! Woo Hoo!!! Maybe we will do a Black Friday giveaway!! lol

Friday, November 20, 2009

Broken Rib, Pnuemonia and other pleasant things...

So, most of you know that I have had pnuemonia FOREVER now, and that I broke a rib coughing a couple of weeks ago. Well last night I had my first ride in an ambulance! There I was trying to cook dinner for my family, and then what do you know, I have to cough. So i cough. Then i SCREAM!!!!! I popped that already broken rib right out of place!! My kids heard it POP!!! So, my dad came and got the kids, and the ambulance came and got me!! Horrible hospital treatment, but thats a whole nutha story. So now, I am thankful to say, that at some point in the 4 and a half hours that I sat waiting, my rib moved back where it was supposed to be! Was so thankful to get that call from the dr this morning! Your rib is back where its supposed to be!! Yay for that!
Unfortunately, I forgot to pick a giveaway winner!! hehehe;)
So my beautiful babies picked a winner, from numbers 1-9, lol. not many signed up this time, but miss KATI!!!!!! is going to be happy with her prizes i think!!!!!
New giveaway going up this week, new posts and dont forget to check out my new ebay store!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I did it....

I finally mustered enough guts to enter a photo I took in Nauvoo to the art and photo contest at Im so nervous!!! Even if I dont win, Im hoping they will give me some feedback. Like tell me if its amateurish or something ;)
Anyway, I have been having fun the past two days "resting" and looking at all the neat giveaways and companies started by mommas on the web. These women are so dang talented!! Well, cross your fingers for me, maybe i will win!!!
With Love, Jaelle

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mitten Strings For God.... a giveaway

Mitten Strings For God, by Katrina Kenison.
This is by far one of my favorite books in the WORLD. I read it a few years ago, from our library, because it was mentioned in a talk at BYU, and I really liked the talk. So, i borrowed it from the library and fell in love. This past month we have been working on our family, family unity, responsibilities and family happiness. I decided that it was perfect timing to actually buy the book and reread it. I am so glad I did. This is a book that every momma should own. That is why Im giving away a copy of it to a lucky reader!!!
Here is an idea of what the book is about, Im going to put the names of the chapter titles, and it will give you a good idea about it. Seriously it is one of the best books I have ever read!!
Secret Places
Wants and Needs
One-on-one time

OK I have decided to add a couple more books to the giveaway so that the value goes up to at least 25 dollars ;) Im in a great mood people!!!!
Here are the titles of the other two books I will be sending the winner!!
"Mom.... and Loving it!!!" By Laurie Lovejoy Hilliard and Sharon Lovejoy Autry
"Mom to Mom Confessions of a "Mother Inferior" By Elisa Morgan
These books are all fun and uplifting and makes you proud to be a momma~~
Here are the rules!!!
*Leave me a comment!
*Facebook this giveaway!!
*Twitter this giveaway!
*Go to my online store and tell me one thing you like!
*Follow my blog ;)
Do at least one of these things, the more you do the more times you get entered!!!!
The giveaway ends Saturday at noon!!! ;)
Love you all!!!


I am so proud of my kids. I just have to post this!!! Dylan has read all of the Fudge books by Judy Blume ( I LOVED these books when i was his age, lol) and my Marlee girl, who is autistic and learning disabled, has all the sudden caught on to reading!! She is now reading, with help, Little House in Brookfield, the book about laura ingalls wilders mom caroline. I am soooo proud i could just bust! I love reading so much, it is something i have always wanted to instill into my children. I have read to them since they were born, they see me reading, and they are now all reading ( sort of with Sydney, she is really getting good at certain words and sounding things out, but hasnt read her first book yet ;)
I just love the feeling of laying on my bed with Dylan on one side reading to himself, with syd laying on my belly practically and marlee on the other side reading out loud to me and syd. What a beautiful thing!!!!!
Reading is the best!!!!!!
Yay for my kids!! ;)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Makeup, Fall leaves, and Boot Camp

Yesterday was an interesting day! We did a full day of school, then our neighbor brought the girls a neat makeup kit! They were sooo excited! As you can see by the pictures! We also made neat fall leaf sun catchers for school. It took a long time for them to each find the exact three perfect leaves!! For FHE we had Helamans Boot Camp! We did activities that taught them to obey their parents, exactly, and with strength and respect! It was hilarious! We were laughing sooo hard! So yesterday was a day of makeup, fall leaves and boot camp!
Today has been just as fun. I am exhausted from trying to do everything with pneumonia and a broken rib, so Ive been lounging around trying to save up my energy and heal. The kids have been very busy! They are so good at entertaining themselves! They did some taebo, which CRACKED me up!!!! They had light sabers they were using as weight bars and they were counting out loud with billy blanks and then of course when they were done I had to feel their muscles, lol. ;) Right now the girls are making crowns out of construction paper and dylan has all of his transformers getting ready to battle! We had a nice lunch and im going to rest some more. Its rainy, and gloomy out, but my home is full of busyness, the best kind of all .

Monday, November 9, 2009


Today is monday and I generally really love monday. It is a fresh new start to a new week. I have rested up over the weekend and feel prepared to meet the new week. Well, with having pnuemonia and a broken rib, Ive been a little worried about how I will do everything i need to do this week. I have been praying hard and spent a long time in prayer last night pleading with Heavenly Father to help me be able to care for my husband and kids this week. I woke up this morning and have coughed maybe twice the whole day, and my rib doesnt hurt!!! What an amazing miracle and blessing. I know that Heavenly Father wants me to do a good job at being a momma and wife. I know that he wants me to be healthy enough to serve others as well. I am going to try harder to eat better and take better care of myself. I am just so thankful that so far today ( it is only 11:30am) I have been able to do dishes, and a ton of schoolwork with the kids. I swept the living room. I made lunch. I am so blessed to have been able to accomplish these things. This afternoon we still have an art project to do ( a cute fall leaf suncatcher thing) and literature ( we are starting on aesops fables) and i also want to try and get one load of laundry in the wash. I am not sure what will be for dinner tonight. I may have to let Keith take that , so that I dont completely wear myself out and be down tomorrow. The kids are being wonderful, they have been excellent for school and very creative today- they entertained themselves with a package of pipe cleaners for like an hour!! lol. They are so cute.
For gospel lesson today we read about Helamans Army. Tonight for fhe we are doing a helamans army boot camp. We will do different "boot camp" activities that have to do with being like the stripling warriors and obeying your parents and honoring them. It should be super fun!
Well, thats it for now. Im off to take the kids outside to choose the fall leaves they are going to use for their sun catchers :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4th, 2009

Here are some picture updates ;)

Pictures of them making suckers, eating their suckers, dylan cooking green bean casserole, his beautiful green bean casserole, and my little man reading his scriptures ;) sweet babies !! They are being so silly in these pics! Just little day to day moments that capture my heart :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Story of Thanksgiving

It was nearing bedtime. The momma wearily walked down the hallway, ready for scripture study, prayers and bedtime for the kids. It had been a busy day, with
serving the family, trying to make the home a haven, doing fun activities with the kids and trying to keep them calm from gorging on to much halloween treats!
They had been fed a warm, healthy meal, they had cuddled and had storytime. They were ready to lay down in warm beds with fresh clean sheets. All was right. Until
the one they call Big D stated, " I want dessert." The momma couldnt believe her ears. "you just had a ton of candy, a special sucker you made, and a big dinner!
we dont have dessert after every meal, its not healthy!" Well that was not the answer Big D wanted to hear. Soon Little M and Little S also started in. "please
momma, if you give us our dessert of ice cream, we will be so nice and go to bed." The momma was tired. The momma was upset that her children would even act
like this. Then came the words that broke her heart. " You are being a mean momma by not feeding your kids!!!!" Well, the momma snapped. Not in the way
you would think. Some mommas would yell, some mommas would spank, some mommas would run away, but this tired, weary momma turned and walked into her
daughters beautiful room. She kneeled down beside her daughters beautiful my little pony bedspread that she had just received for her birthday. She looked
quietly at the picture of a momma and her daughter kneeling together with Christ looking on , the one that sits by her daughters bed. She thought carefully,
then ignoring her little ducklings ( for of course they followed her wherever she went) she began to pray. " Dear Father in Heaven, I want to take a minute
and tell you how thankful I am for everything I have. Im thankful for this home, my kids, my husband, Im thankful for the lovely dinner we had, Im thankful for
heat and clean air. " As the momma went on and on, pretty soon her children started to kneel down beside her, one by one, and chime in with the things they
were thankful for. Big D was thankful for Clifford and all his transformers. Little M was thankful for her care bears. Little S was thankful for the family
dogs. Soon the room became filled with a sweet spirit. The spirit of thanksgiving. You see, sometimes we dont always get what we want. It could be something
as small as dessert, or something as big as a loved ones life being spared, but we all have something to be thankful for. Even when you dont think you can
possibly go on anymore, you have at least something you can be thankful for. You are alive.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A sickie halloween :(

Well with me having pneumonia etc we didnt go trick or treating this year. Im really sad about them not having costumes etc, but we painted pumpkins and we are going to make halloween chocolate suckers with a cute kit we bought on clearance. I will post pics of those soon!!!
Here is the pretty pumpkins!!

Taking Care of Momma

My kids have been so wonderful to me this past week! I have been down with pnuemonia and keith has had to miss some work to help out, but oh they have been awesome! I feel so loved!!! Sydney has done my chores, Marlee is always trying to comfort me with a blanket and care bear, and Dylan has been working hard to help out with the house and make sure momma is taking her medicine! I am so blessed! We are behind in school because of me, but we will make it up and it will be fun! Today is my last dr appt hopefully! We are praying for good news. Keith needs to get back to work and I need to get back to being the momma ;)