Monday, November 23, 2009

Penpals, Thanksgiving, and Boogie Wipes!!

What a title for this post huh! So... thanksgiving is in just a few days! Im really excited! I love to cook and I love that my sweet beautiful little family is going to be home and cozy, being thankful for all we have. We are truly so blessed.
Today we arent doing alot of school, we are mostly concentrating on playing outside a bit ( weather is soo nice!!) and writing our penpals!! Oh, and attempting to clean the kitchen hehe ;)
Today I received a box of goodies from the mommas who make Boogie Wipes!! Im so excited, we are going to be trying them out, and then I have a great bunch of goodies to give away!!!! We are trying out the menthol kind, with me having pnuemonia and my little babies having colds, and dylan having no immune system, im excited to try these! So we will give them a try, then after thanksgiving we are going to have us a big ole giveaway!!!!!! I have quite a few things to giveaway! Woo Hoo!!! Maybe we will do a Black Friday giveaway!! lol

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