Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Makeup, Fall leaves, and Boot Camp

Yesterday was an interesting day! We did a full day of school, then our neighbor brought the girls a neat makeup kit! They were sooo excited! As you can see by the pictures! We also made neat fall leaf sun catchers for school. It took a long time for them to each find the exact three perfect leaves!! For FHE we had Helamans Boot Camp! We did activities that taught them to obey their parents, exactly, and with strength and respect! It was hilarious! We were laughing sooo hard! So yesterday was a day of makeup, fall leaves and boot camp!
Today has been just as fun. I am exhausted from trying to do everything with pneumonia and a broken rib, so Ive been lounging around trying to save up my energy and heal. The kids have been very busy! They are so good at entertaining themselves! They did some taebo, which CRACKED me up!!!! They had light sabers they were using as weight bars and they were counting out loud with billy blanks and then of course when they were done I had to feel their muscles, lol. ;) Right now the girls are making crowns out of construction paper and dylan has all of his transformers getting ready to battle! We had a nice lunch and im going to rest some more. Its rainy, and gloomy out, but my home is full of busyness, the best kind of all .


That redheaded one said...

oh man thats so funny Jaelle I can't wait to see your family again all of them from the youngest up and introduce you to all of mine :D

Miranda said...

Wonderful! I love it. Sounds like you guys are having fun, despite the sickies and broken rib. Get better soon and keep enjoying those babies. :o) BTW, I love the sun catchers. What a cute idea!