Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30th Weekly Giveaway~BOOGIE WIPES~

Im doing a giveaway each week until Christmas! Im so excited!
This weeks giveaway is kind of special, Im doing a review on this product, then I get to give it away!!!! These are hilarious too!!!

Tell me the name doesnt crack you up! We as mommas know that one of the worst things in the world is to be out and about and have your kiddo say " mommy, I need a tissue, " ( or worse, my kids will scream something along the line of-- momma i have a boogie!!!!!) Here is the solution-- BOOGIE WIPES!!! Honestly I love the moms who invented these! They are soft, fun, have a wonderful light smell and best of all, they get the job done!! The company has packs of wipes to keep around the house, then really neat convenient little packs to keep in your purse or diaper bag. Dont forget to stash some in your car! They offer three great scents, grape, fresh, and my current fave- magic menthol. We have been battling colds and pnuemonia for a month now, and the magic menthol wipes are amazing!! So heres the deal, dont take my word for it, try them yourself!! Head to and check out all the great deals and scientific research and all that good stuff! Basically, Im not quite sure how we lived with normal tissue and oh yeah, we did it, toilet paper!!! These wipes are soo cool and so soft to your little nose!!
The company has sent me some goodies to giveaway to you guys!! I have a regular sized pack of the fresh scent, a bunch of little travel size packs of the grape and then two really good coupons to give away!!!! Here are the rules, and yes there must be rules ;)

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*Go to and leave me a comment here telling me what you would like to have from the store!
okie dokie-- each of these is one comment, leave the comment here and let me know what you did. you can do one, you can do them all ( the more you do the more chances you have to win, ;)
Remember, this is the season for boogie wipes!!! ;) my new favorite thing!!

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