Friday, November 20, 2009

Broken Rib, Pnuemonia and other pleasant things...

So, most of you know that I have had pnuemonia FOREVER now, and that I broke a rib coughing a couple of weeks ago. Well last night I had my first ride in an ambulance! There I was trying to cook dinner for my family, and then what do you know, I have to cough. So i cough. Then i SCREAM!!!!! I popped that already broken rib right out of place!! My kids heard it POP!!! So, my dad came and got the kids, and the ambulance came and got me!! Horrible hospital treatment, but thats a whole nutha story. So now, I am thankful to say, that at some point in the 4 and a half hours that I sat waiting, my rib moved back where it was supposed to be! Was so thankful to get that call from the dr this morning! Your rib is back where its supposed to be!! Yay for that!
Unfortunately, I forgot to pick a giveaway winner!! hehehe;)
So my beautiful babies picked a winner, from numbers 1-9, lol. not many signed up this time, but miss KATI!!!!!! is going to be happy with her prizes i think!!!!!
New giveaway going up this week, new posts and dont forget to check out my new ebay store!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!


Kati said...

YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Not about the broken rib, lol But I never win stuff. FUN!!

Love ya!!

Miranda said...

Girl, you just can't catch a break. (no pun intended) ;o) Feel better soon!