Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Annual Homeschool Tour!!!

I am sooo curious and well, ok nosey, about how other families homeschool. I have decided to host a little "tour" of homeschool families on my blog. I am going to set up a mister linky, and all you need to do is take some pics and show us around your homeschool !! Show your area you homeschool in, your organization tips, fun activities youve done, whatever you feel like!! I hope to have mine up by the end of the week! Pass this along, and one special homeschooler will win a gorgeous gift basket from Lehi Roller Mills, with muffin mixes and more!!! The more pics and explaining the better lol!!!
Im so excited!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting Personal.....

I have a really tough time with my self worth and self esteem as a mother and woman of God. I always feel like Im not doing good enough, that my children and husband deserve more, that I could be serving more, etc. So, today as an "experiment" Im writing in my journal all of the these I do today. All the little things, and how I felt when I did them. Im going to try and make myself see that I do more than nothing. I have been praying hard that Heavenly Father will help me to see myself as He sees me. I have alot of challenges, sick child, disabled child, onery child, plus health issues of my own, and financial issues. But I have sooo many blessings, to many to even list. I know that Im not the perfect mom, nor is there even a such thing, but I am hoping today to be able to look back and say ' I did ok today and thats great!'. I actually recommend this to any mom. I may post my list here, not sure yet. If anyone else feels like it let me know, we can share together. I am going to say a specific prayer for all the momma's out there who just dont feel good enough. We have the most important job in this entire world. We have to work hard, but I think we also have to give ourselves a break too. We arent perfect. But we can try our best. So, today, I write down the little things. Maybe those little things will add up one day. Maybe I will look at my children and grandchildren and say, wow, that was SO worth it and I did a good job!!!!! ;) my love and prayers to all the momma's today!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Decor 2009

So I didnt do much this year ;( but thats ok! Christmas will be spectacular! Here are the few favorites of mine that I have up for fall!!!

John Michaels Birthday Party

We have had our share of birthday invites this summer!! This one was for a great friend John Michael! He and Syd are just a few days apart in age! Marlee is pictured here with Anna and a friend!!! They had so much fun! It was a pirate water party! We miss them soooo much! They moved to utah! No fair!!!


How cute is this??? We went fishing with neighbors at Huckleberry Park and they actually caught a little fish! This is Austin our neighbor and syd.

Cousin Birthday Party

Cousin Andrew had his "birthday party" this summer. His birthday is in february, but he really wanted a fun outdoor party!!!! So his momma threw him one and it was awesome!

Beach Bonfire

We have some really great neighbors and we enjoy doing fun things with them! We have had bbq's this year and even a beach bonfire! here are some pics! It was a super fun evening!

Dylans Birthday and Baptism

Dylans birthday was very special this year! He turned eight! He has been preparing very hard for his baptism and it was truly a very special day!! Aunt Caitie and Uncle Mike were able to come and we had friends who came from Rolla and more! What a special day! His grandpa kaylor baptized him and our branch president confirmed him. For his special day, he invited his best friend Jamie for a playdate at the park with daddy ! They had a boys day! ;)

Marlees Birthday

Marlee's birthday was fun! she invited her favorite cousin/best friend for a date at the mall! They had a blast!
Since her birthday is on pioneer day, she also got a bonnet from nauvoo and her favorite, lots of care bears!!!!! and a pretty new my little pony comforter for her bed! So much fun!

Major Updates coming your way!! Sydneys Birthday

I have soo much to update on this silly blog! I'll start with birthdays. Yes they were in june and july but I have no time to update it feels like!!!

Sydneys birthday was June 20th. We had so much fun and lots of people over for cake and ice cream! my baby is 5 now!!!

The Sickies

Well, we are finally better! But unfortunately we had an awful bout of the sickies at our house! Started with Dylan, he ended up in the er with 104 fever and was terribly sick. Syd ran a fever for one day, and then was all better, yay! Marlee got the worst of it, by far. Her tonsils were covered in blisters and were so swollen they were touching each other! Suffice to say, we are considering having her tonsils removed. We have an appt with the ent on the 21st to talk about it. Much prayer will be needed though. Im not keen on the idea, but she has had this happen before and it makes it hard for her to breathe and eat, etc. so we will see. They are all feeling so much better though!!! Im so thankful! I didnt sleep from friday till like wednesday except for an hour here and there, because I was up with my babies. But they needed their momma! Im pooped, but doing ok! Today we are going to have a comfy movie day and snuggle and relax and just try to get our bodies all better. Tomorrow is family cleaning day, but if things work out, we may skip it so that Keith and I can go to six flags fright fest!!!!! Its a surprise so dont tell Keith , haha!!! He doesnt read my blog so I think its safe! I am working on getting pictures posted on here. Its been awhile and I have some cute ones! They are from my phone so it will take a bit. :) hope everyone is doing well and i love you all!!!!