Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer 2013

We made a poster for summer this year... and I wanted to record all of the things we wrote down...

So here it is : SUMMER 2013

* Marlee's 11th Birthday Party
* Kenlee spent the night
* Dylan's 12th Birthday and BONKERS
* Swam at Uncle Cory's
* Baby Jase is born!
* Girls date in quincy, library and TGIFridays
* Barry Fireman's Chicken Dinner
* Saturday with Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bob, shopping and dinner
* BBQ at Angie's
* Sno-cones and sports at Kelsi's
* Target practice at Grandma Ulry's
* Babysat Trinity, Emmy, and Karma
* Logan's Birthday Party
* Family Weiner Roast at LeeAnn's in Barry
* Spent night at Angie's with Alex, Andrew, and Ivy
* Special day with Syd, Anica, and Ivy and Grandma
* Went to Bear World
* Went to IDAHO!
* Went to Yellowstone!
* BBQ @ Kristen's new house, fireworks
* Special day, Marlee and Kenlee
* 4th of July Fireworks in America's Hometown
* Planted window boxes from Aunt Sandy
* Dylan and Andrew sleepovers
* Dylan's 3 day away from home adventure with grandparents and cousins
* Watched Ramona and Beezus with Kamryn
* Girls Day
* Catching fireflies
* Went to Bonkers with Angie, Alex, and Andrew
* Mushroom hunting at Grandma Ulry's
* Library Summer Reading Club
* LaGrange to Tyler and Jessica's house and spent time with Aunt Diann
* Dylan went to Emma Rose's Birthday in LaGrange
* Neighborhood Block Party
* Watched mine craft videos with Andrew
* Planted flower pots and watering cans
* Sydney's 9th Birthday
* Made giant fort in hallway
* Spent afternoon with grandparents
* Xzavier's Birthday party
* Cousin Andrew spent the night
* Climbing trees and chasing kittens at Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bob's
* Stayed at Uncle Cory's for the night
* Rode bikes at Bayview Campground
* Caught fireflies at Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bob's
* Swam and played with friends
* New London Park Days!
* Made clover necklaces
* End of Summer Celebration
* Fun with Kenlee
* Visit from new and old missionaries
* Got a red balloon ( Sydney)
* Fishing for minnows at Bay Island
* BBQ at Kristen's Farm
* Judy Moody Movie Day
* Secret service projects... plus helping after the tornado
* Seeing Pop Pop
* Picking cherries with friends
* Made ginormous Barbie house
* Sno cones
* Day at Kelsi's house with friends
* Got a new swingset

Happy Summer 2013~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, June 15, 2013

April 2013 bbq at friends farm!

Wow... so behind as usual... going to try and go thru some pics and upload them here so that I can keep memories of my babies alive!!!!!

This is Dylan's butt ... hahaha.... We had a bbq at our friends Kristen and Kyle's farm... Dylan was fascinated by the tiny little serama chickens they have! So he climbed right into the chicken tractor with them!

Marlee getting ready to eat at the bbq! woot woot!!!!

Our friend Kristen with the yummy food for the bbq!!!!

Our friend Kyle taking Dylan and Keith for a ride on the ranger around the farm!!

Girls turn on the ranger!!!!

We really enjoyed our time at the farm... it is relaxing and the kids love to play and explore. They have a big pond and Dylan and Keith and Kyle found a big turtle!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fishing at Mark Twain Lake

Fall 2012

We went to see the beautiful new riverboat that's on the mississippi.. the American Queen.. look how tiny the kids look against this big beautiful boat!!!

My beautiful babies at Riverview Park, we were having a playdate with our friends Rachel and Ellie :)

We were blessed to be able to have Keith's sister Krista and brother in law Justin and our beautiful niece Kenlee come visit for awhile... The kids wanted to swim.. but it was freezing! You can tell in their faces how cold they are!!

My mother in law Linda and Keith's sister Krista decided to do some baking together at Grandma Ulry's house... I loved that!!!

All of the cousins and family on Keith's mom's side came for a bbq while Krista and her family were here. The kids played in the creek and found a big turtle and a couple of frogs... they had a blast.. Dylan obviously had fun in the creek lol!