Sunday, November 29, 2009

25 Days Of Service

My family is doing a special project this Christmas season. I always try to work hard to insure that my children know what Christmas is REALLY about. We try to do alot of Christ centered activities and such, but this year Im wanting to take it one step further. We are going to do 25 days of service. Something to remind us of one of the most important lessons that Christ taught us, to serve our fellow man. I've found some neat ideas online, some neat ideas from friends and some ideas that just popped into my head!! First of all, there is a neat Advent Christmas Chain from one of my favorite websites in the world. It actually has an activity for every day already, so we are going to do those, but also a few other "bigger" projects. They sure made it easy for me with this calendar!! Here is the link!!
If that link doesnt work, go to and type in advent christmas calendar. Take a peek around while you're there, it is such an amazing site!
Here are my other ideas, and feel free to comment and add your own!!!!!

* make cookies or another treat for elderly church members ( might make a few sugar free treats too!)
*Make fhe kits ( possibly a christmas story theme) to give out to the church families with young children, this sounds like a fun idea!
*Clean up and shovel snow for an elderly neighbor as a surprise-- this is a time honored service project, i remember raking leaves for neighbors to surprise them!
*Take a plate of treats to the branch presidency / bishopric while they are at church one evening doing tithing settlement.
*Make dinner for the missionaries, include a christmas treat
*Make gifts for the kids primary teachers and primary presidency ( there are some fun ideas on and any search of the internet will turn up some cute little handmade gift ideas that dont cost alot ;)
*Clean house for a needy family member, church member, or neighbor
*Host a mommy/daddy date night for church members. Have children over one evening so the parents can go christmas shopping and help the kids to make a little handmade gift for the parents-- dont forget to let the kids wrap it up to put under their tree!
*Service project from this is sooo cool! They are having everyone make handmade cards and fleece blankets and then donate them to your local Ronald Mcdonald house. I am actually going to invite a bunch of friends from church over to my house and do this. Im super excited ;)

Any other ideas??????

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Miranda said...

Wow! These are great ideas! I love Sugardoodle too. I haven't thought about looking there for ideas. I'm going to check it out right now. :o)