Monday, April 13, 2009

Sydney the Candy Monster

Ok, some background, Sydney is a candy monster. Has been ever since she grew some teeth! She hides the candy, she sneaks the candy, she STEALS the candy, LOL. The girl can eat so much candy and sweets and she never gets a tummy ache. When she was two, she took my birthday cake and hid it under her crib!!!! We went in to eat birthday cake, it was gone!!!! She finally showed us where it was, and it was soooo hard not to laugh!!!!

So.... easter is one of those holidays that Syd loves. Halloween is another, lol. She got lots of candy yesterday and while we thought she was quietly sleeping like a good girl, she had ulterior motives!! Check out the picture! This is what i found in her room this morning!

Candy monster!!!!!!!

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Miranda said...

Oh my goodness! And she's not sick this morning???? I usually find a few wrappers in my boys' room but nothing like that. Too funny about your birthday cake! That's a great story though. :o)