Monday, April 19, 2010

So frustrated... and goals for school

Wierd title I know. Im so frustrated with my computer. I can't upload any pictures which makes my blog quite dull :( I can barely write on here without it clicking me off and jamming up my computer. We will see how it goes. Defintely time for a new computer. Anyone wanna make a donation to the help Jaelle get a computer fund HAHAHA!!

We are currently on "summer" break from homeschool, so we basically do alot of fun activities and not so much actual school work. All three kids are done with their "grade level" for the year, so we are having some fun. Here are my goals this week:
Begin teaching Dylan cursive ( this will be done in a calm, fun way, so he ends up loving it!!!!!)
Plant our Venus Fly Trap that we bought from the zoo!!! So cool!
Identify the beautiful gems from the Native American Store that I bought about 2 months ago... yup, just now getting around to doing that lol
Continue reading the general conference talks and playing bingo with different assorted treats :)
Plant Sunflowers in back yard ( doing this today hopefully)
Listen to the Honesty cd from SOO excited for this... It's Alexanders Amazing Adventures and you get one each month, 12 values to teach your kids!!!!!
Thats school for the week..... good goals :)
Plus the normal playing outside as long as it is nice, making dinners, laundry, all that normal good stuff!!!
Love, JL

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