Monday, April 12, 2010

300 posts, a smooshed foot and the zoo

I am trying hard to stick some regular posts in here in between giving away my brithday presents :)
I just realized that I have written over 300 posts on this blog!! CRAZY!!!! I am soo excited! YAY for 300 posts!!!!
Now for the tale of the smooshed foot... this has happened twice now in the same place!!! We go to Keiths grandmas.. and first it was Marlee, and this time it was Sydney.. their foot gets slammed in the door!!!!!!!! So Sydney had to of course milk it for all it was worth haha :) She did have a little bruise.. but shes fine and dandy now :)
Now for the zoo!!! We had a blast at the St Louis Zoo today!! Go here to see how cool it is ST LOUIS ZOO

It was the first day of the cardinals season... so the red tshirts were everywhere!! It wasnt to busy and we had such a great time.. we rode the train, and got to see all the animals. We were pooped out when we got home, but it was well worth it to see my kids happy faces as they inspected each and every animal that was there! We just kept talking about how wonderful our Heavenly Father is to have created all these neat animals!!!
So thats my day... check back in tomorrow for another birthday present!! :)
Love you all, JL


Miranda said...

Poor Sydney! I'm glad you all had a fun day at the zoo. :o)

Sara said...

it sounds like you had a wonderful day at the zoo.

That redheaded one said...

ouch for Sydney

It does sound like it was a fun day and now I miss home. I love that zoo