Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Organizing junkie and Spring Cleaning

This is really no fun without pictures :( But we need to do the Big Spring Clean again... at least I do!! LOL!!!
So.... if you are up to it... do something each day to spring clean, then come back and tell me. I will find a fantastic prize ( something to do with house and home of course) and we will have fun together trying to cheer each other on!!!
Today I cleaned my dining room hutch. Oy. It was stuffed!!! LOL... it took an entire garbage bag to get rid of old receipts, bank statements, beautiful pictures that my kids made me ( i receive about fifty pics a day rofl!!!!) and more junk. It looks fantastic now!!!
My big goal is to get one of the kids rooms done. Wow. Maybe tomorrow?? lol.
I have to clean up the living room... dining room is done! I went ahead and cleaned it after I cleaned out the hutch :)
So much to do!!! Plus I have to make dinner ( I try to make it ahead of time so Im not time crunched when Keith comes home from work and thinking... shoot i forgot to get dinner made!! LOL!!!! Yup, Im that ditzy at times !!!!!
Tonight is crescent rolls with chicken goodies stuffed in. wait, chicken goodies makes it sound gross... its the chicken roll up... chicken, cream of chicken soup, cheese and then you wrap the crescent around it... and mixed veggies :)
Hmm... what else. I have been working on penpal stuff... oh and if you want you can send me a birthday card. lol. way to be subtle huh!!!
JL Kaylor
6 Kroencke Lane
Hannibal, MO
I love cards!!! I will send you one for your birthday too if I know it!!!! :)
Love, JL


Sara said...

lets see today i am going through the toys and boxing up the ones they dont play with and organizing the ones that they do...we have way to many!!!

Ed said...

today I put away some more clothes and did dishes. Oh, and cleaned off our bathroom counter. Not too fancy but I have had a headache off and on that sucks.

Jamie said...

Today I worked in the yard!!

Sara said...

are we doing this all week? Today is the girls' closet and then the flower beds during nap time