Friday, April 2, 2010

Sunshine Day

I wanted to stick a regular post in here... because I love to blog!!!!
Yesterday and today have been a blast!!! Yesterday it was gorgeous!!!!
Sunny and about 80 degrees! We played outside with all the neighbors in the morning, I got to swing on my big ole swing and talk with my neighbor for like an hour!! How I love the company of other women!
Then we got picked up by another friend and we went to the school playground with her and her kids ! They used to live across the street from us and we miss them!! It was sooo much fun to see the kids play, they were so happy to see each other! I even convinced my friend to swing on the swing set with me!!! ( which by the way is quite a workout! my kind of workout! ) Unfortunately those couple hours in the bright hot sun gave me quite the beautiful tomato face! ( its ok though!!)
After we got home from that, we immediatly headed to our next door neighbors and played in the hose!! LOL! My kids were sooo filthy and wet!! Time for bubble baths after that!
Today was an equally nice day.. my hubby was home :) We had a good time running some errands and then playing outside in our backyard ( again with a bunch of neighbor kids, we are really blessed, that the kids have built in friends!) Dylan and his friend Chandler dug for treasure in their big digging hole ( yes i really have a big hole in the middle of my backyard, with a bunch of shovels and stuff in it just so my kids can dig to china if they wish!!) The girls jumped on the trampoline with two other neighbor girls and Keith and I sat back and relaxed and watched!
I ran to my friends house for just a bit, for some mommy time, just to chat and then tonight we headed out to see my parents and aunt vonnie.
The kids are headed towards bed now and I am ready to crash!!! Everyone have an awesome evening!! Don't forget to check back in tomorrow!! Birthday Present #3 will be posted and ready to win!! This has been so much fun for me. How I love my friends and love making new ones!
Love, JL

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