Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bike Crash!!!

I am still trying to throw a regular blog post in here now and then.....
Today Dylan had his first bike wreck. It was awful!!! He landed on his FACE!!!!
Poor baby!!! He stood up spitting gravel out of his mouth!! My neighbor ( whose house he crashed right in front of) came running out of her door, I came running down the street... we had friends over to play and she was trying to round up all the little kids and get bikes out of the street... as I was getting Dylan inside, my youngest Sydney ( the very onery one) decided to sneak off on her bike and I caught her almost to the main road... just as my sister in law and brother in law were turning in to deliver a tire for my husband!!! AAAAHHHH!!! CHAOS!!!!
Well, Dylan is ok now, but he may have a scar on his eyebrow... I told him most BMX bikers have battle scars.. he thought that was ok. His cheek has road rash, his elbow is busted up and his knee is too... Poor little man. He's so brave though. No tears, just almost passed out !!!!! Yikes!!!
Its hard being a momma. But I know that bike wrecks happen, so we just have to stay calm and deal with it :)
I love my babies :)


Miranda said...

Poor guy! I'm glad he's ok. I have one of those ornery ones too. Wait, maybe I have 2 of them. LOL!

Bethany said...

Yep, bike wrecks happen! Glad he made it through without too much trauma. I figure it's good for a mama's cardiovascular fitness to have boys. They can sure make your heart race!