Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Much To Do!!!!

Today was spent outside!!! The weather was perfect for getting my lovely yard in order!! Finished mowing around the raspberries and the honeysuckle and grape vines..Always a task, plus have to weed around the things that the mower can't get to! Dylan was a hard worker and helped me weed around the trampoline :) He is so dang cute. He was like " Im such a hard worker" yup, you are son!!
The big "project" of the day was getting our sunflower garden ready. Last year we planted a "fairy garden" for the girls, this year we are planting a sunflower garden in that spot, so we are really excited. We have 4 different varieties of sunflowers and they are planted and ready to grow!! Once they are big enough, the little wooden and iron puppy bench will go in the garden for the kiddos to sit under the sunflowers! Sunflowers make me happy. :)
I also finally got the poor birds some new suet for the feeder in front of the dining room window.. its been a few days and they kind of look at me like, hello, did you forget me????
Tomorrow it is supposed to be nice out again, hopefully, so the plan is to get the side of the house all ready to plant... We have 9 fruit trees that line the hill on the side of the house, plus a big fence, oh and a highway up the hill, lol, but we have kind of a neat little spot tucked away from things, and we put a swing over there and solar lights last year. This year we are planting moonflowers, etc... things that will look spectacular at night, and maybe some more solar lights and a table, etc... so that we can have a comfy little spot to hang out at night. Or snuggle. :) I like to snuggle at night on the swing with my kiddos and hubby.
Later in the summer, we have a biiig project planned, but only if money allows. A patio with a chimnea :) Don't you just love that word??? Chimnea. Yup, i had to say it again!!!
Unfortunately, before we go outside tomorrow, we have to clean bedrooms. Yikes. Hopefully we will make it outside hahaha!!! If no one sees us outside, you may need to come search for us, because we are buried under transformers and care bears!!!!!!
I will be going to my inlaws soon to borrow their computer... I miss sooo much having pictures on here!!! It stinks! But I've found a new computer, I just have to save a bit more and I can get it, whew. It is soooooo needed!!!!
Have a fantastic day and know I love you all!!!!! :) Love, JL

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