Friday, February 19, 2010


This is a rant . lol. I am so tired of winter I cant breathe!!! I need sunshine in my life!! Plus my poor kids and I have been cooped up in this house for months!!! I am out of ideas for keeping them entertained! We have built barbie houses, we have made tents, we have colored and done every single craft available to mankind. We have cooked every cookie known to mankind. We have our garden planned out. UGH!!! Make it go away!!! I need to see my beautiful sunshine and just stand outside in it for like 5 minutes!!! I dream of my fantastic house on the beach!!! lol.
Oh, and its supposed to snow. again. tonight. 2 inches. not fair.


Miranda said...

So sorry! I completely understand and agree, except for the snow part. We usually don't get any so the 4 inches we got last week was a treat. We've had a little warmer temps the last couple of days, but we're due to get more rain this weekend. Ugh. I wouldn't mind the rain if I didn't have red dirt for a front yard. Hang in there, Jaelle! Spring will be here soon!

- Dana ♥ said...

Today we finally had sunshine, maybe you'll get some your way soon too. I just posted "Hurry Spring" on our family blog. i totally know how you are feeling.

Bethany said...

Me, too, Jaelle. We had a great week, but now it's supposed to rain tonight, which means we've been evacuated again. Only, it really just means we're being held hostage in our own home. Because if we leave, we can't come back. Come soon, spring!

Jennifer said...

Oh, Jaelle - I'm so sorry! I'm actually BEGGING for snow here! I miss it so much!

Spring will come soon enough!


~ Jennifer