Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fundraiser for Whittaker Family

Cindy Young is a good friend of our families and her daughter Christina went missing a couple months ago. It is super scary and Christina has a beautiful little daughter and a loving mother and a very sick loving grandmother who miss her so much. They need to hire a private investigator, all police leads have ran out. They have also spent alot of money on flyers etc.. trying to find her! I am having a fundraiser to help them raise some funds to continue their search. Think about it... what if this was your daughter?????? Please go to and click on the online events tab... it will tell you all about what we are doing and there is a special promo code to enter at checkout: christina15. That way I know what money goes to the family. Avon isnt just makeup anymore!! You can find pretty much anything you want there and the prices are awesome! Not only do you get things you want, with free shipping, but you are helping this family find their beautiful daughter.
With Love, Jaelle promo code : Christina15

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