Sunday, February 7, 2010

Marlee's Surgery

Wow, it has been 5 days since Marlee-girl had her tonsils and adenoids removed! She is finally doing a little better! Yay! Even though I was really nervous about the surgery, Im very thankful we had it done... we found out the day after her surgery that a test they did confirmed that she had terrible sleep apnea! Also, right after the surgery her doctor told us that she not only had the lymphoid tissue on her tonsils but also her adenoids! He was able to make her airway much more open! Two reasons that Im thankful we had this surgery done! Also, the worry of the tissue turning into lymphoma is now gone! This was basically the first "trial" on our journey with Marlee's neurofibromatosis. We are going to go ahead and treat her as though she defintely has it, because it is much safer that way, and it takes a blood test from a geneticist to confirm it and the fastest they can get her in is JULY!!!
Here are some cute things from her surgery journey. The first thing she did when she woke up from recovery was take a piece of paper and write " popsecle" lol. We had to wait for the throat numbing medicine to wear off then she could have her "popsecle" LOL!! I probably wouldnt have been able to spell it either if i was just out of surgery! The second thing she wrote was " I have the free credit song stuck in my head" she was VERY unhappy about this!!! It was the last commercial she saw on tv as they were wheeling her into surgery! I laughed so loud when I read that and the nurses were laughing and she just got a grumpy look and shook her head no. Then she wrote " NOT FUNNY" :)
The first night was horrible... neither of us got a wink of sleep, but that is very understandable. The second night was also horrible as she developed a nasty cough, ouch!!! We ended up back at the dr on friday, he was afraid she had aspirated on blood during the surgery, but thank goodness no pneumonia! Everyones prayers worked so well! God is good! She did have a ton of swelling and irritation and she was trying so hard not to swallow she would end up gurgling and coughing. So we were able to add delsym to the lortab and she has done so much better sleeping at night. We are already seeing improvements in her sleep and she is still recovering! AMAZING!! I just can't get over how amazing our Heavenly Father is! He loves my baby girl so much! She is finally starting to eat a bit of solid food, and is still drinking well and eating her "popsecles" lol. For the most part she is doing great, but you can tell when her meds start to wear off poor baby! I just tucked her into her own bed, and she is wearing her little bed buddy ice pack, and is ready for hopefully another good night sleep! Im just thankful to be able to say we made it through this trial and now we pray and wait for Dylan to go to St Louis on the 23rd.
Thank you so much for your prayers for my beautiful daughter. I appreciate it! If anyone wants to... please pray for my handsome son for the 23rd!!!!!
Love, JL


Booklover1212 said...

WONDERFUL news! God is good!

I have to laugh at the free credit report song....I often times get it stuck in my head too. LOL!

~ Jennifer

Bethany said...

Of course we'll pray for Dylan. That's when you go to the specialist to find out what syndrome he has, right? So glad some of Marlee's issues have been cleared up.