Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dylans Appt in St Louis

We waited sooo long for this appointment! We had to get up at 4 am!!! It was worth it though! We got bad news and good news! The good news is Dylans immune system is trying to work all on its own!! HOORAY!!!!! The bad news is his lungs are a mess. We knew that of course, but that is the reason he is so sick alot. His lungs have to work sooo hard. ;( Stinks, but they adjusted meds, and hopefully that will help the little man. He was awesome at the dr as always :)
We rewarded him with a trip to the Science Center! It was kind of a bust, because they are remodeling and alot of the stuff wasnt open, but we got to see a cool mummified baby and look at dinosaur fossils! All in all, it was a super long day... soo long, but we were thankful that his immune system is showing that it is making the right antibodies, we just have to get his lungs under control. They couldnt promise us that they would ever get under control, but we are willing to work hard to keep him alive and healthy! Keith and I decided to look into vitamins, and of course lots of healthy food and sunshine!! ( come on spring, we need you!!)

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