Monday, February 8, 2010

A cowboy camp-out, a new email, and more...

One of the cute things that I forgot to write about Marlee's surgery, was that the first night she was home, she had me read her a couple books, and then she tried to fall asleep. She was still pretty drugged up and was having a horrible time sleeping. Neither of us got any sleep! In the middle of the night she rolled over and looked at me and said very quietly, "Mom, I dont know how to lasso." Um... ok? I told her, " its ok Marlee, I dont know how to lasso either" then she told me that she had to learn before it was time for her cowboy camp-out! I finally got the whole story the next morning when she was more alert... I had forgotten that I had read her a cowboy Mickey Mouse book before bed, she has decided that she wants to have a cowboy camp-out for her birthday this year, and she was very upset because she couldnt lasso! Well, it sounds like we have some work ahead of us learning how to lasso!!!!
Dylan got his first email address today! It is so fun watching him learn where the keys are and how to use proper punctuation, etc. I just love watching my kids learn!
Sydney has been working on making cards all day.. she has decided to start a card business lol! She has a whole tub full of beautiful cards she has made! They are such cute kids! :) I love them!

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