Thursday, February 25, 2010

Come to my home to visit

Welcome! Right now as I sit here at my computer, there are all kinds of things going on around me! Pull up a chair! In the living room we have a big box that is holding one child, who is coloring away. It is a beautiful box. It has been decorated with flowers, people, and a dragon! It is a fun place to sit in and color!
In the dining room we have the remnants of last nights games sitting on the table still! Uno and yahtzee! We have so much fun playing games after dinner. Sometimes its connect four and checkers! You never know!
In the kitchen is the dishes waiting to be done! lol. The sun is shining through the big kitchen window though, so doing dishes today will be a pleasure with the sun shining in my face.
In the playroom we have two kids playing. One is in the tent, reading books, the other is playing with strawberry shortcakes berry cafe. Would you like some raspberry tarts?
In the kids bedrooms mommy is especially proud because they all three made their beds! hooray! Books are laying in the tub beside their beds, ready for bedtime reading tonight. what a comfy tradition. Dylans room has all kinds of toys ready to be played with as soon as he is done in the box lol.
Our home may not be immaculate, but it is full of love and learning and that is what makes it a home! :)

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Kitchen Belleicious said...

Love your blog. I found it through midday escapes and it is wonderful. Great posts and look forward to visiting you often. If you ever need any good recipes for the fam I would love for you to come check me out. I am also doing a great giveaway this week of Lisa Lenoard jewerly!