Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A day where I dont HAVE to do anything!!! Isn't that horrible of me? Its been almost a week since I had a lazy day. Well, sunday I did nothing but sleep, didn't even make it to church.. all i did was sleep. I guess that is a lazy day, but it couldn't be helped. My body was done.

Today is a fun lazy day! I will still be doing things.... i.e. dishes, laundry, reminding Dylan to blow his nose, etc. But I get to choose whether to read a book, or watch a movie! I get to do dishes in my pajamas! How thankful I am for days like this. Getting to tinker around in my home making it comfy and loving on my babies. We have been so busy and so stressed, thats really not the way life is supposed to be I've decided. So life, listen up! NO MORE!!! hehe, yeah right. But I can dream!

I have two articles due.... One of them I got up just in time its here LATTER DAY HOMESCHOOLING
and the other will be done soon hopefully... it will be on here MORMON MOMMY BLOGS
It's not done yet, but its still a fun blog. I have penpals coming out my ears, which is awesome... check us out HERE
and Im still working on my second book... which will probably never be finished.
I have been working on getting the kids school stuff together for next year. I want them to have a rockin awesome summer, but I always love to plan things out for the next year. We are going to babysit a friend's daughter in a couple of weeks, she is so dang cute and the girls and her really love each other. That will be fun. Let's see what else.... I dont know Im tired now. :) But its a lazy day, so I think I will go lay in my bed and read a book, BEFORE i start laundry!!!! Egads I know!!!! Can you believe how naughty I am???? LOL!!!!

With Love, JL

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Jackie said...

I need a day like this! Seems like we have been going going going. I need a home day!