Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meeting more friends!

We have been so blessed this summer! We got to meet more friends from across the country! This time they were east coast! Maryland! I have been friends with the momma for quite a few years after meeting her online through a neat yahoo group. They came through town and we got to spend a couple hours with them showing them around downtown Hannibal. It was sooo hot outside and they were all troopers and I have to say, I loved them. The whole family! I wanted to keep them!!! The kids were gorgeous and handsome ( for the boy of course) and so polite and kind to my kids. The momma was everything I had thought she would be and so much more! The daddy was kind and easy to get along with. We had a blast!

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mommyblogger4u said...

yeah its nice to have more friends.. hope we can be friends too...i'm a mom-to-be hopefully after 4 months.