Friday, March 26, 2010

A Dream I Had Last Night......

I have always had very vivid dreams. Sometimes its a blessing, sometimes its a curse.
There are three dreams I remember very clearly. All three have really helped me in my life.
I will start with the dream I had last night. It was "inspired" by two things, one, my oldest Dylan has been giving us some trouble. He is almost 9 ( I cant believe I just wrote that!) and has been stretching his wings for independance. Which translates into throwing fits, talking back, you get the idea. The second thing that inspired the dream was my friend Laura texting me. She has a son who is the same age as Dylan. Her text was simple. " we have tweens." It hit me with full force!! Maybe that's why Dylan is acting like this. Maybe its not because Im a horrific momma. Maybe he is just entering the "tween" phase and truly trying to find who he is, what his limits are etc.
So, after another night last night of back talking, and praying, Heavenly Father what the heck do I do with this boy???? I had a dream......... ( note: my dreams can be wierd, but stick with me here)
We were in a parking lot at a place like walmart.... It was a big parking lot. There were cars parked there and I came out of the store and there was Dylan.... rollerblading ( remember they are wierd, but stick with me). He was going really fast, and he was really good, but when I called for him to come to me, he ignored me and rollerbladed farther away. There were cars driving around, I was frightened that he was going to get hurt!! I began to run, and as he went faster and faster around the parking lot, I began to get really frightened. I started screaming his name and running as fast as I could , I felt so much frustration and fear, I knew he was going to get hurt! Soon, a worker from the store came out and started yelling at Dylan to stop also... Dylan ignored him too. Sometimes Dylan was almost in my reach, and I missed him. Soon, I looked up and here comes my husband in our suv, zooming as fast as he could to try and catch Dylan. Now I was worried that Keith was going to cause an accident, but his face showed his fear that we weren't going to catch Dylan, and that he was going to get hurt.
This went on for way to long, I was seriously exhausted when I woke up. I finally did catch Dylan, and I wanted to wollop him!!!!! I was soooo angry that he would not listen to us and put himself in danger. When I woke up, I was shaking!
Now, here are my thoughts on this dream. Dylan is at an age, where if I don't work hard with him, try to stay "close" emotionally etc to him, he is going to get to the age where he can just rollerblade away, and I wont have the opportunity to teach him the rules of the "road". I realize that I have only a short time with my children before they become adults and fly away. It really strengthened my resolve to teach my children as much as I can, and to rely on Heavenly Father to show me the way. I made sure to give Dylan a BIG OLE HUG, when he woke up this morning. Dreams are wierd, for sure, but in this instance, I realized that Dylan is at an age where he should have more accountability ( he has been baptized) and that he needs to be taught continually , how to make right choices ( dont go rollerblading away from your momma in a busy parking lot mister!!!!)
I joined and signed up for their neat program for elementary aged children. They give such neat ideas on how to teach your children obedience, how to make decisions, and all of the other important values that we need to instill in our children. I still have alot of praying to do. But I know that Im not going to "lose" my son to his bad behavior. He just needs to be taught the tools to deal with his emotions, which are all over the place, and to be taught how to make better decisions and show respect. So I guess Im glad I had this wierd dream.
This post is kinda long.... I am going to leave the other two dreams for seperate posts, as they both have their story. Even if no one reads these, I will have them for posterity :)
Love, JL


Miranda said...

We've been having the same problem with Todd for some time now. He just turned 11(wow!) and is definitely in that tween stage. He's also hitting puberty(holy crap!) a little early so we have all those hormones to deal with too. I feel your pain, believe me. I completely agree on your thoughts that we need to find a way to stay emotionally connected with our children and keep trying to teach them these important lessons so that they will be strong, productive, happy adults one day. It's so hard though! I drive myself crazy with worry that I'm totally screwing up my kids. Hang in there! You're a great mom. I learn so much from you. :o)

Bethany said...

So true, Jaelle. It's not possible that our boys are tweens, is it? Hang in there! We'll make it!