Tuesday, March 23, 2010

so much goin on...

Well, i have been cleaning like a mad woman. The playroom is done :) my bedroom is done :) the living room and dining room need their daily cleaning then they are done :)
The kitchen will be done today! Woo hoo! My house is starting to look normal.
Unfortunately this weekend, we begin outside clean up. Major work!!!! It is always a big job when we start to get the yard ready for spring and summer, but its good work, because we spend alot of time outside :)
Oh, and then there is the cleaning of the storage room. SHEESH. That will take quite a long time. But then its yard sale time!!!
We have been staying busy, cleaning, playing, getting stuff ready for the lds penpals and getting Flat Stanley on the way. The kids are DONE with school for this year. It is time for me to order the books for the next school "year" ( we do school year round, sort of, we take big breaks and just work when we are feeling like it, but we get a ton done when we do work, so it works out perfect!!!) We will be making nature journals for the spring and summer so that will be fun!!!!
So much to do!!!
I love spring!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me some things to think..

Elaine from 1st babies