Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Evening

It is always nice to sit quietly on a sunday evening and think about the week ahead. We have a busy week ahead, which is fine, I am thankful to have these things going on in my life. We have zoo day next saturday, we are about done with everything, im so excited. Tomorrow we are going out to lunch with family, which will be great fun. I have a home I love that needs to be tended too, and three beautiful babies who need care and sunshine and school! I sat down this afternoon to look over their schoolwork for the week. They are doing so well, and I really like our schedule. We school year round, and do about an hour a day. It really works out well! We get to play and do the things we need to do and have a great schedule where my kids know that this is the time we sit down for school. Im trying so hard to teach them things they need to know, not just reading, riting, rithmatic, lol, but also real world things, spiritual things, etc. We do little keepers of the home and little contenders of the faith, dylan will be starting cub scouts in august, they all want to do 4h soon, and in the fall we will be joining up with some st louis lds homeschool groups, and traveling down there a couple times a month for activities. All great things. Now, we have to have a huge yard sale in the next few weeks so I can afford to buy there new school books! They are pretty much done for the year, so I am excited to be choosing their new curriculum and working on it. Basically it is really nice to quietly sit here at my computer and think of a happy new week, hopefully full of sunshine. We have alot of stress in our family, lots of drama with disabilities, etc, but I love them! I "heart" my family!!!!


Bethany said...

That's awesome, Jaelle. I think about homeschooling sometimes, but I don't really think that would work for A.J., and it definitely wouldn't work for Levi! A.J. will be starting Cub Scouts this August/September, too. He's really excited about it. When is Dylan's birthday? Yeah for almost 8 year old boys!

Miranda said...

You're always so positive. I love that. :o)

Cami said...

Just wanted to say HI. I found you on mormonmommyblogs. It is great to find blog friends!