Monday, March 30, 2009

School Fundraiser from Lehi Roller Mills!!!!!!

I am so excited! We are doing our first ever fundraiser! Lehi Roller Mills is an amazing business founded in 1906 by George G Robinson and they are located in Utah. The Mill is where Footloose was shot! Cool huh!

They have amazing products. When I tried the double fudge brownies, I didnt want to bake them because the batter was so darn good! Of course, the actual brownies were heavenly!!!!!

Here is a list of what we have to offer, plus shipping of course, but here ya go.

Everything comes in a decorative cotton bag except for the Cornbread, and Scones mixes, they come in boxes.

Here is a list!

Cornbread, Scones, Heart Healthy Items- come in 1 lb boxes, and cost is 6.00 a piece

-- cranberry scone, cornbread,heart healthy hotcakes, blueberry scones, heart healthy oatmeal cookie

2 lb mixes, come in decorative cotton bags, cost is 8.00 a piece

-- Blueberry Pancake,

--Double fudge brownie

--Sugar cookie with icing

--Raspberry Muffins

--Mint Truffle Brownie

--Chocolate Chip Cookie

--Blueberry Muffins

--Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie

--Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie

-- Lehi Pride Pancake with Syrup

All Natural Kodiak Flapjacks are 7.00 a piece.

I am so excited!!!! Email me!!!! Pass it around to your friends!!!!

THanks everyone!


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Valerie said...

I've never actually made any of the mixes, but I've bought quite a few. I always give them as gifts. They are so pretty and the few samples I've had in the store tasted so good. Great fundraising idea.