Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring--- where are you?????

As you can see I have taken a little blogging break. i actually took a full blown Spring break last week. Was so pooped out from everything! But today is monday and im back!!! We had the wierdest weekend, spring, rain, then snow then some ice, then a big thaw, with sunshine and today it is sunny and muddy. Im exhausted from this weather! I had started planting some things, and so far they are just fine, the ground didnt get cold enough to freeze, thank goodness.
Today so far I have done school with the kids, including an amazing lesson on easter and the resurrection. You see, my grandpa is dying of cancer, and my children have lots of questions. My poor kids have lost two very important people in the past year ( well it will be one year exactly in april.) and so we have had this talk quite a bit. But in preparing them gently, for grandpa's impending death, I was very surprised at how well this lesson taught about the resurrection. It was a perfect tie in to the questions they were asking this morning about grandpa Jim. Such a hard lesson for my kids to have to learn at such an early age, with the loss of Moses and Francy, and the upcoming loss of my grandfather, who is truly a patriarch to our family and an amazing example. I was very thankful to God for providing this particular lesson in our books at this particular time. He is a good God, and loving and wants my kids to understand.
We decided to head outside after that to feed the birds. They have been hungry birds! We have to feed them almost daily, but it is so worth it to see the different kinds of birds that choose to bless us with their presence!!!! My grandma gave me some aloe vera plant starts last night, mine finally died last year, lol, after much use ( keith has a tendency to be clumsy and burn himself easily, etc!) so we got the starts planted which was great fun for the kids because it involved mud and worms! lol. I need to continue to work on yard sale stuff. I have a big tub in my room that needs prices marked and one in the hallway. Then in the storage unit we have two more tubs and in the storage room we have about three boxes. Freakin huge yard sale!!! Funny thing is, im thinking of listing the clothes on ebay and then just selling everything else at the sale. Get more money from ebay on clothes. I need to make as much money as possible while getting rid of as much stuff as possible!!!! We're going to be purchasing Dylans 4th grade school books soon. Hard to believe, he is only 7 and is ready to start 4th grade. He just adores school and grasps things so easily, we only do about an hour of work in the morning each day year round, and it works well for us. Ok, more work to do. Lots of laundry, dishes and the norm. Plus the yard sale stuff, plus I have these hundreds of children to care for!!! :)

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