Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mega Families

I'll admit it. Im obsessed. I am a fan of Jon and Kate plus Eight, I adore the Duggar family and this whole octomom thing is exciting! When Keith and I first got married we had decided we wanted about 5 kids. That grew as I became pregnant with Dylan. I wanted at least 8!!!! We were blessed with 3 beautiful children. More is not in the cards for us because of my health, I hemmorrghed after both girls, very severly with Sydney, so we had to make that choice. I needed to be alive for the 3 kids we were blessed with. My heart hurts about the decision. So I live precariously through the "mega families". I love the websites, the shows, the books, the thought of it all! Growing up Keith and I were both friends with a family who had 21 children all their biological children- no twins. They are an amazing family that we still love very much today. Keiths family was particularly close to them, and he fondly remembers sneaking into their van after church, trying to "stowaway" thinking they wouldnt even notice an extra kid!!! This is my whole point to this post. I received the new Duggar family book in the mail and already I cant put it down! The recipes, the schedules, the ideas!!! I love it!!!! Of course I cant keep up with three kids and a house, I dont know how they do it, and I am looking forward to seeing if she ever gets a nap!!!! Anyway, give your kids a hug today, and be thankful for them. God blesses us so much through them. Im so thankful for my three. Maybe up in heaven there are a bunch waiting for me!


JuliaS said...

Oh Jaelle - I think you are a wonderful mom on this earth and will be just as fabulous a mom in heaven! :0) It has been an honor to watch you grow from barely a teen and mature into the wonderful adult and amazing mother you are today. Even with a couple decades on you and several years longer in the parenting business, I often find myself learning from your example.

I have to disagree with you a bit on the octomom thing being exciting, though. She took a horrific risk which thankfully turned out okay, in that for now, the babies are all alive. Time will show what long term disabilities some of them will end up with. Her decisions were poor at best, largely selfish and I truly fear that she is going to end up losing her children and they will grow up separated from their siblings. You chose to put your wants and desires for a large family (which you would have been an excellent mom at managing) aside for the benefit and needs of your children that you have now - because they need you alive and well. That shows wisdom and great love. I do not doubt she loves her kids, but she put her wants and needs above them. Because of her, there is legislation currently being proposed in Georgia that will put extreme limits on assisted reproductive technologies - limits that would very well lead to many women not being able to realize their dreams of becoming moms at all. Other states, including Missouri, are already discussing similar bills. Every article I have seen on her that allows comments - the majority is overwhelmingly calling for caps on family size, benefits, etc. This lady singlehandedly poured a can of kerosene on a smoldering fire and now families are under greater attack than before.

I hope large families in the spotlight like the Duggars can be an example showing that large families can be functional, healthy, self-reliant and a benefit to society, not a burden or detriment. Jon and Kate are okay - though, I think Kate could be a lot nicer to Jon and treat him better!


Morgan said...

I know what you mean. I would LOVE to have 8,9, or even 10 kids! However, with my babies all coming out via c-section, there's only so many times I'm willing to go through that. Plus, my husband says 5 is it.

Like you, I live out my dream a huge family by reading about others who have tons of kids!