Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fun Mondays!

We had a really fun monday! We spent the day with Aunt Caitie, we went to the library in quincy and we played and read books, etc and then we headed to hyvee to get big cookies!!! after that we went to TGIFridays and ate a lot of yummy food!!!! After we finished their we headed to the park so that we could have a "science" lesson. We observed all the fish in the big pond and we fed them some of our cookies! They loved that! We walked on the nature trail and looked at the big lilly pads and the ducks ( they were so neat with bright purple on their wings) and looked at the fall flowers. After that we played at the playground and Dylan showed Aunt Cait how he can go across the monkey bars! After that we headed to Big Lots to buy storage totes and then we had to go to Hobby Lobby of course because it is just RIGHT THERE! LOL. Calling our names. We bought some cute little christmas crafts because they were on sale and we are going to work on them tomorrow morning!
After hobby lobby we headed home and Aunt Cait helped mommy straighten up the house real quick and then we ordered pizza and daddy came home!!

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