Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rainy Tuesday

Well, it is a rainy tuesday and i have a sick baby. Sydney has a nasty cold, she slept in my bed with me this morning, and I had to snap this pic of her, she moved around so much, she tore all my sheets and blankets off the bed. She was just so uncomfy. Now that she is up and around, she is feeling a bit better. I can't tell if it is just nasty allergies ( she is on allergy meds seasonally, so I started those back up yesterday) or if she has a cold. Either way, poor baby.

We will be heading out to my mom and dad's today, to play with aunt cait and uncle mike a bit more today- uncle mike is leaving in acouple days, so dylan needs to get his video game time in with his uncle mike! The girls have their baby dolls and their diaper bags all packed to go somewhere. They are really into baby dolls right now ( actually it doesnt even have to be a baby doll, they dress up their bears, etc!) Marlee even has hers in her little carrier ready to go!

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Jamie said...

Sweet Jaelle. You have such precious kids.